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                         $5 Shades
The custom-made TDD shades are back.  But now they're 2x as classy with the "Classy as Fuck" saying on both sides of the glasses.  This whole time the guy on your right could easily recognize your fuckin' huge levels of classiness, but the dude on your left had no idea.  Well, consider that problem solved.

Carved from 99.9% pure 24-carat gold (and then dipped in a cheap, Taiwanese plastic), these sunglasses are a $2,754 value available for the modest price of 5 bucks.

  $3 Bottle Openers

The TDD bottle openers are back, but now they're solid steel (unconfirmed) and much more durable.  I'll be the first to admit that the first batch of plastic bottle openers were a little light in the loafers when it came to not shattering while opening bottles.  It was China's fault, I swear.  Not an issue now as you can speed-open a row of beers long enough to satisfy everyone at your tailgate; friends, family, and those drunk douche-nuggets that are trying to take advantage of your booze generosity.
$10 Triple Play
The best value pick in TheDawgDude arsenal.  Pick up a new pair of custom TDD shades, purp'd out bottle opener, and four duck-pounding stickers for the measly price of $10 bones.


Know some Duck fans? Eww, why? Regardless, mail them these stickers so you don't have to see them in person. Or slap one on your car and feel the empowerment.

                            $15 T-Shirts

Have you ever put on a t-shirt that felt like Jesus was giving you a bear-hug? Of course you haven't! You've never owned a "Ride the Duck" tee!  I'm not saying this shirt is going to change your life, but frankly, I'll be shocked if you don't win the Powerball at least twice while wearing this thing.

Cute enough for Grandma, but edgy enough for your punk-ass teen cousin, this timeless "Husky-Humping-Duck" graphic will warm your cold, icy heart every time it catches your eye.  So do yourself, your family, your team, and your country a favor by ordering a TDD shirt today!
$12 Hats
For millennia, man has asked, "If God were walking the streets today, what would He wear on his head?" Probably some sort of halo made from saturated light and pure energy. Regardless, you should buy this snapback cap.
$12 Beanies
Whether you have Don Mosh dumbos or Nicole Ritchie pipsqueaks, if you don't cover your ears during frosty temps at Husky Stadium, they're gonna get cold. Do your auriculas a favor and wrap them in this soft, supple, 19,000 thread-count cotton.

Or if snarky, borderline-offensive gear isn't your thing, but you still want to keep these good times rolling, become a TDD Hero by tossing a buck or two into the collection plate:

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