Dec 4, 2013

The Search Continues...

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Tui has been named the interim head coach. Not sure what this means for Wilcox as generally a defensive coordinator would get this designation over a QB coach. Maybe Wilcox wants to look around for HC gigs at smaller school without taking on the responsibility of interim HC.  It could also be that UW and Wilcox are parting ways.

This move makes me thinking UW isn't hiring a new coach until after this weekend or even the bowl games. On one hand, that sucks for recruiting, though this year is a small class and coaching turnover always makes recruiting a good class difficult. On the other hand, this could be an indication that UW is high on a head coach that doesn't want to leave their team floating in the wind (a coach unlike Sark). Pinkel certainly fits in this category with his team's huge game this weekend.

I'll be a little pissed if UW is forced to wait for Nussmeier. I feel like he should come to UW right away if he's named head coach. Alabama has almost no chance of playing in the NC and if Nuss wants to be the head man, he should immediately start reviving this program that has had a very rough couple of days. But then again, Sark stayed at USC for the bowl game... maybe we should have read more into that at the time.

The Seattle Times reported that both Wilcox and Tui interviewed with Woodward today, but potentially more for the "interim coach" position for the bowl game. There's supposedly mutual interest between UW and Nussmeier as well, but no reports of an interview.

There was some twitter chatter yesterday that Petrino is in town, but I don't see that confirmed anywhere. Petersen is said to be interested, but with his track record of turning down jobs, that seems iffy at best.

Pinkel is a little busy prepping Mizzou for the SEC Championship game this weekend. Haven't heard much about Franklin (Vanderbilt) or DeRuyter (Fresno State).

Sounds like more waiting game for awhile...

Go Dawgs!

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Anonymous said...

Marques is the interim coach...

Anonymous said...

Why no coach O chatter?

TheDawgDude said...

Haven't heard much about UW talking to Coach O. My guess is he finds a HC gig down in the south where he's from. Great recruiter though.

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