Dec 3, 2013

So... Who's Next?

Well, there ya go. It's not shocking that Sark would take the USC job (hometown, old employer, SoCal talent pool, etc.) but it is a bit of a surprise that USC would extend the offer. Sark was 34-29 at UW (24-21 in conference) and while he righted the ship after the brutal Gilbertson/Ty Willy years, he never won big at a school that has certainly won big in the past.

It's a shame that UW players found out about Sark's move from social media as opposed to Sark himself. While I'm sure Sark would have preferred the news to have broken after today's 2pm meeting, he should have realized that social media waits for no one and done the right thing by notifying the team first.

But ultimately Sark got this program on the right track. Clearly UW is headed in the right direction and with the new stadium, facilities, and upgraded talent on the roster, the university should be able to reel in a much bigger coach this time around than when Sark was hired in '08. Unfortunately, the rumors are indicating that much of UW's impressive staff will head south as well. Justin Wilcox and Tosh Lupoi have both been linked to SC though Wilcox would almost definitely stay if UW offered him the head coaching gig (which in my opinion would be a mistake).

So where does UW go from here?

Jim L. Mora

You know the story on Mora. Former Husky player, former NFL head coach, current UCLA Bruin. He has revived UCLA in less than two years, going 18-8. Obviously everyone likes the idea of a former Husky taking the reigns and Mora does seem much better suited for the college game than the NFL (fiery, impressive recruiter, etc.) UW could undoubtedly give him a big raise from his $1.935 million salary, but UCLA would most likely match or exceed the offer. We'll find out if Mora is willing to spur his current employer to seize the chance to become The Dawgfather II.

Gary Pinkel

Pinkel is from the Coaching School of Don James, having spent '79-'00 as an assistant at UW before head coaching gigs at Toledo and Missouri. At 11-1, #5 in the country, and playing this weekend in the SEC Championship game, Pinkel is at the top of the coaching profession. Look what he has done at Mizzou:

The 13 years before Pinkel: 51-91-4 (.359)

The 13 years with Pinkel: 101-62 (.620)

Clearly he has proven himself as a consistent winner. But at 61 years old and heading a Top Ten team, he may not be interested in relocating to Montlake.

Chris Petersen

92-12. Petersen has won 88.5% of the games he's coached at Boise State. That's insanopants. Yes, the competition level isn't close to the Pac-12, but this guy clearly develops players - BSU has a ton of NFL alumni for how mediocre their recruiting classes have been. Hiring Petersen could also be UW's best shot of keeping Wilcox at DC as the two had a good relationship working together at BSU. 

Petersen has turned down more job offers than Steve Sarkisian promised to win Rose Bowls at UW (like I wasn't gonna take a shot or two), but UW might be his best fit so far. He's a Northwest guy and UW offers an upgrade across the board from BSU (facilities, recruiting, salary, etc.) It's unclear whether Petersen can recruit elite talent, but his winning record is without question.

Doug Nussmeier

Former OC at UW and current OC for Saban at Alabama. Nuss impressed a lot of people at UW during his time here and was instrumental in helping Keith Price flourish in '11. He could be UW's first choice if they end up going the coordinator route.

Justin Wilcox

The current DC at Washington has done a fantastic job improving the defense just like he did at Boise and Tennessee. Wilcox is a very respected DC, but is a bit young at 37 and might need and/or want more seasoning before becoming a head coach.

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