Dec 4, 2013

Petersen or Nussmeier?

With the Seattle Times reporting that Chris Petersen (head coach at Boise State) and Doug Nussmeier (offensive coordinator at Alabama) are now the frontrunners for the head coaching job at UW, it's clearly time for a new poll:

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Both guys have been very successful in their coaching careers. Petersen is a ridiculous 92-12 at Boise State while Nussmeier is fresh off a national championship as the OC at 'Bama. Between these two, I have to go with Petersen. He's a much more proven commodity as a HC, albeit at a non-BCS school. But make no mistake, he has been the best of the best outside of the BCS.

Yes, this year has been a step back at 8-4. But take a look at '08-'12: 61-5 with a Fiesta Bowl win and an undefeated season in '09. In those five years, BSU finished in the Top 10 three times and the Top 15 all five times. Obviously Boise didn't face the grueling Pac-12 schedule during those years, but Petersen also didn't have UW quality players.

BSU doesn't recruit like a Pac-12 team, yet they had four 1st round picks in the NFL Draft during that span. Petersen and his staff were able to develop decent recruits into the best in the country. I don't think UW will ever be able to out-recruit USC, UCLA, and maybe even Stanford when they're great, so the ability to maximize the talent level of UW's recruits is key to competing for Pac-12 titles. And Wilcox was DC for Peterson at Boise, so maybe he stays on the staff as well.

Nussmeier is a strong candidate too - he's a national championship-winning OC who seems to be a legit quarterback guru. He could also be better than Petersen eventually. But Boise's head man is clearly the more experienced of the two and simply a less risky pick right now. It sounds like Peterson's buyout clause is $750k + another million ($250k x 4 years remaining) so this could all be a moot point. Plus he might just be playing the leverage game with BSU (ugh). We'll have to wait and see...

Go Dawgs!

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And its Peterson!!!!!

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