Dec 6, 2013

Coach Pete Joins Husky Nation!

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What a huge relief to land the big fish. Now Petersen needs to fill out his staff, hopefully by retaining Wilcox, Lupoi, and Tui. The ladder two should be close to guaranteed, but Wilcox's future is very much in doubt. He could become a HC at Boise or another school, or possibly join Sark down at USC. My bet is he'll either become a head coach or return to UW as DC. Still lots to sort out in what has been a crazy couple of days.

Go Dawgs!

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TheDawgGal said...

Before we worry about who Coach Pete will retain on his staff, will someone explain to me why he's posing with a giant Faberge egg in this photo? :-)

In all seriousness, this is nothing short of coup for UW. My hat's off to Scott Woodward for getting this deal done.

Now let's go win a bowl game!

TheDawgDude said...

Haha, now UW will get all the gold eggs!

For all the heat Woodward has taken, the guy oversaw a great renovation of Husky Stadium and made a fantastic hire in CP.

Anonymous said...

in case you guys haven't seen Phil Knight's reaction to the Petersen hire:

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