Nov 23, 2013

Leave It To Beaver

It's come down to beating the Beavs to have a shot at a successful season. If UW loses this game, seven wins is the best they'll be able to muster in the regular season after all of the much-hyped "getting over the hump" talk earlier in the year. 

This game will go a lot in determining Sark's future at UW - yes, his QB is banged up, but UW has a more talented and experienced squad than OSU and should be able to take out the Beavers in Corvallis for the first time since 2003.

Call it Dawgs 27-23. And here's TheDawgGal for a little pre-game snark:

I must confess I have a soft spot for Oregon State after cheering for them every year in the Civil War game. Any hatred I have of the team is geared more toward their stupid ass mascot, Benny the Beaver. Those evil googly eyes haunt my dreams:
Inline image 1
"Saturday Night Beaver"
There's also the aerodynamic gopher logo they're sporting these days...not that I should cast stones considering the Huskies 2001-2006 logo:

Inline image 2
Now that's an angry Beaver.

I much prefer the hip-hop inspired Benny Jr. that graces OSU's recruitment page.

Kris Kross will make Corvallis jump, jump!

And here's Benny the Beaver enjoying his favorite activity:

Inline image 4
 Having Mel Gibson's hand up his ass.

 Go Dawgs!

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Anonymous said...

Oregon went down in a ball of goey duck flames in Tempe!

Now if the Huskies can put 40 points on the scoreboard in Corvallis, then it will be a perfect day!

Go Dawgs!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the Wazzu girl. You make me feel like a traitor just looking at her. How did she get in the school anyways?

"You are very exotic looking, was your dad a GI?" - Michael Scott, the office

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