Nov 27, 2013

Apple Cup Special!

Is it though? I'm honestly dumbfounded.

Apple Cup week, y'all! Time to avenge that turd of a game last year in the Palouse. The Coug faithful is feeling way too good about themselves with a one-game winning streak over UW and a team that is somehow over .500 at 6-5. So that means it's the perfect time for the big brother Huskies to lay a beatdown on their annoying, red-headed sibling from east of the mountains.


Side note: it's been way too long since I've seen a good babyfight - like a real hard-nosed, bare-knuckled, 15-round baby throwdown. Just sayin'. 

For the first time since 2003, the Apple Cup features two teams with winning records. The Couglets have finally gotten up off the mat after years of futility and now sit in a position to play in a bowl game for the first time in a decade. But with an AC loss, Wazzu would be 6-6 and could miss out on a bowl. It would be a nice revenge for Washington to knock Wazzu out of a bowl as it really could be another ten years before they play in one.

Hmm, maybe if you replace "smart" with "self-loathing."

Wazzu has had a strange season: they beat USC at the Coliseum by holding the Trojans to 7 points (though to be fair, Lame Kiffin was running the show back then), but then gave up 52 at home to the Beavers in a blowout loss. One thing is for certain, Wazzu is gonna throw the ball. A ton. They threw it 89 times against Oregon. 89. Insano. I didn't realize Napoleon Dynamite had that kind of arm.

C'mon Connor, grow out the hair, buddy...

While Connor Halliday is #3 in the nation in passing yards, he's #1 in the nation in interceptions (19). This could spell disaster for Wazzu as UW has intercepted five passes over their last three games, and forced nine turnovers overall. If Connor Dynamite turns the ball over, it's going to be very difficult for this to happen:

As opposed to Win the Defeat?

What is it with Cougs and dumb shirts? "Win the victory!" is something the not-so-bright freshman cheerleader yells when she goes off-script, like "Score the points!" Just stick to the black pants:

Not sure if you guys remember this, but during the Apple Cup last year, Coug fans tore off a bleacher at their own stadium and carried in through the crowd.

 Such a Coug move.

Yes, Couglets are a strange, strange breed. And can be so creepy that even a self-professed pirate wants to get the hell away from them.

"No, I don't want to see your 4-H trophies."

Every Apple Cup raises the question of whether Wazzu is a bigger rival than Oregon. Obviously the UW/WSU has its own name and pits many family members against each other, but when asked who they'd rather beat, many Husky fans would pick the ducks.

Who is UW's biggest rival? free polls 

It does seem like the players see this game as the bigger rivalry however. Throughout the years, there has been significantly more shit-talking involving UW/WSU than UW/OU. I was happy to see Husky center Mike Criste getting pumped about playing the Cougs even during the midst of the locker room celebration after destroying Oregon State. From The Daily:
“I’m thinking about it right now,” center Mike Criste said after the game. “[I’m thinking about] kicking their ass.”
I love it. And Las Vegas believes the Dawgs will kick some Cougar ass as well with UW favored by 14.5 points. Obviously anything can happen in this game, but I'm betting on the Husky passing defense to cause a lot of trouble for Halliday, and for The Bishop to churn out yards against a mediocre Wazzu defense. If the O-line imposes their will against WSU like they did against the Beavs, it shouldn't matter if Keith Price or Cyler Miles is running the show. UW 41-24.

Go Dawgs!

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Anonymous said...

3 Ints
1 Pick 6
Huskies in a Rout!

The Dawg Gal said...

Babyfights? Those can get pretty brutal. Last one I watched one of the little rugrats had fashioned a shiv out of their rattle. Nasty business.

I was at the Apple Cup yesterday and before kick off I went to the ladies room. The first stall in front of me was a female Cougar fan draped over the toilet, in what I can only assume was the result of a few too many pregame beers.

*Shakes head*

I can't respect an opponent that can't hold their liquor.

Great game. We finally got out of our 7 win rut. Here's hoping we take care of business in our bowl game!

TheDawgDude said...

@TheDawgGal Haha, that's awesome. Next time you gotta snap a pic of that LadyCoug in distress.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear what you guys have to say about the recent events

todicus said...

Later that night, in the mountains of Washington, baby cage match ensued:

TheDawgDude said...

Haha, two baby enter... one baby leave.

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