Oct 24, 2013

Time To Go Cal-Stomping

But first off:

Rest in peace, Dawgfather.

Don James is basically the reason we all love Husky Football. And he's the reason us fans are always trying to will this program towards elite status because Don James did it, so we know it's possible.

We'll get to the Cal-slandering in a minute, but first that ASU game... ugh. It seems like every year the Huskies pick one road game to flat-out mail it in. Last year it was at Arizona (52-17), 2011 was at Stanford (65-21), 2010 was at Arizona again (44-14), and 2009 was at Oregon State (48-21). Clearly Sark has not been able to fix this problem in his five years, nor has he been able to avoid the annual three-game losing streak during his UW tenure. That's gonna need to change.

It's unfortunate how much the attitude around the program has changed over the last three weeks, but that's what a losing streak does, especially when it's topped off by a low-energy, craptastic performance like that one down in Tempe.

While the expectations for this season have been tempered significantly, the Dawgs still have the opportunity to make this a banner year (at least in post-2000 terms). And the first step towards that goal is kicking the shit out of a Cal team that is currently crumpled on the bar floor.

Your 2013 Cal Golden Bears!

It sounds like Keith Price will start as Sark said today that he'd "be surprised if he didn't play." It's good that KP's thumb is feeling better, but it would really be a bummer if he re-injured it against a Cal team that is a 27-point underdog and hasn't beaten a Pac-12 opponent in over a year. But losing to Cal would be an ENORMOUS bummer, so I guess you have to pick your poison.

One thing is for sure, the offensive line better show up on Saturday night. That unit's performance against ASU was reminiscent of the 2008 season... just abysmal. I don't know what happened after that first drive, but yeee-ikes. O-line coach Dan Cozzeto understands that another showling like that will have him out of work, so I would be surprised if those big boys don't come out with their asses on fire on Saturday.

"I have literally lit asses on fire before!"

I do have to say that talking shit about Cal has become a lot more difficult after they announced they would be honoring Don James on their helmets on Saturday:

Certainly a very classy gesture on Cal's part. But slagging off on the opponent is what we do here at TDD.com, so we might as well start off with a bang:

Read. My. Back.

It's crazy that just a year ago, there was a fair amount of bad blood between UW and Cal due to the Tosh Lupoi hiring and the Shaq Thompson commitment - holy crap, did they make the right decision or what? Jeff Sadford and Co. were kicked to the curb and now Cal sits at 1-6 with their most competitive Pac-12 game being a 22-point loss to Wazzu at home. Ouch. The fruit has definitely rotted in Strawberry Canyon.

We can count on Cal passing for a lot of yards though. That's the hallmark of the Sonny Dykes (via Mike Leach) Bear Raid offense. The only problem is they can't get the ball in the endzone. Cal is averaging 466 yards a game, but only 23.7 points (compared to UW's 482 and 33.6). Side note: has there ever been a face that's more of a "Sonny" than Sonny Dykes?

It's Always Sonny in... yeah, this caption sucks.

His parents named him Daniel, but once that little, cherub face strolled out of Gineytown, they had no choice but to call him Sonny. Anyway, the Little Coach That Could has a bit of a quarterback controversy on his hands. He could either go with true freshman Jared "Action Shot!" Goff who just turned 19 a few days ago:

Or this 11-year-old:

I've heard of coaches offering middle schoolers, but starting them?! Evidently this is redshirt freshman Zach Kline and he's 20... I'm not buying it. I feel like this is a reverse Dominican Republic little leaguer situation. Regardless, both quarterbacks get intercepted more than my Uncle Bruce's letters from jail, so UW is in a good spot here.

Looking at the big picture, the Huskies are 4-3 and could realistically finish anywhere from 6-7 to 10-3 this year. So step up to the plate and make your prediction of UW's record after the bowl season.

What is UW's final record this season?
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The Dawgs shouldn't have too much trouble moving to 5-3 after this one. An angry team in front of an angry home crowd should allow UW to physically overpower this young Cal team and either one of their prepubescent quarterbacks. I see Cyler Miles getting some playing time and the Huskies cruising to a 45-17 win.

Oh, and how about buyng some Dawg Dude sunglasses? C'mon... they're $5 and will be delivered fresh from my closet! Or be a baller and pick up the $10 Triple Play:

I promise that all proceeds will go towards replacing the stuff I broke in a blind rage during the ASU game. And a big thanks to all of the people who have bought merch in the past!

Go Dawgs!

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Oct 18, 2013

ASU: Fighting For Their Right To Party

"Are those t-shirts regulation size or what?!"

After playing the most difficult two-game stretch in the nation, the Huskies are rewarded with a tough trip down to the desert to take on an Arizona State team that is on the cusp of being ranked themselves.

This is the perfect opportunity for UW to prove they belong in the top tier of the conference, but it certainly won't be easy as ASU has played very well at home this year and the Huskies have struggled mightily in Tempe over the last decade.

Uh, did you mean 14 years, old fella?

While ASU's football team is making a resurgence under 2nd-year head coach Todd Graham, the university itself has fallen on very hard times. Last year, ASU didn't make Playboy's top party schools list for the first time in the history of the rankings. The Sun Devil student body was devastated: How could this happen? How could this institution lose its identity?

ASU students shitting all over their hard-earned reputation.

But a courageous group of students stood up for themselves, for their university, and for their legacy. If Playboy wants them to party harder then god damn it, they'll party their asses off.

ASU students on the road to redemption.

ASU students fighting to regain their credibility.

But normal partying wasn't enough. They had to turn it up a notch. I mean, a standard keg stand? That's kids' stuff... but baby stuff?

8 pounds, 6 ounces... of Bud Light.

Coeds wearing provocative Sun Devil outfits was no longer enough to make the list. The ASU party revival demanded more, so these ladies rose to the occasion. They dressed scantily and posed with inanimate objects:

And yes, they blew him.

The got drunker and more ridiculous than ever before:

"Hi Mom! I'm on the internet!"

And they dressed scantily and posed with inanimate objects again:

Yes, they blew him too.

But would it be enough for Playboy to reconsider? These brave leaders of tomorrow couldn't take that chance, so they forged on by taking photos of boobs thrust into faces while eating food:

"Could I get extra areola on that?"

And by snapping photos that look like porn video covers:

Two in the pink, one in the stink, beaming with pride.

But was their final vodka-laced, STD-riddled push enough? On September 26th, Playboy released their 2013 list of the hardest-partying schools in America and ASU... came in 9th! The Sun Devils are BACK!

Congratulations to the hardest-working partiers in the country for reclaiming their rightful spot, for fulfilling their destiny, for planting their flag back on the national party scene... even if that flag is of a date rapist holding a trident:

"Just the tip."

Back to football. This should be an all-out battle. ASU has a ton riding on this game as well and have not lost to the Huskies in Tempe since 2001. The key to the game will be UW shutting down ASU's rushing game - if the Huskies can make the Devils one-dimensional on offense, they'll have a great shot at winning. It will get nutty in the desert, but I'm picking the Dawgs, 38-34.

Go Dawgs!

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Oct 14, 2013

Oregon Game Recrap

Not. Happy.

Well, that sucked. Or at least the 4th quarter did. UW was only down a TD before Nike's Evil Empire dominated the final period and put up another final score that makes every Husky fan sick. In many ways, it feels like the gap has narrowed, but the ducking fucks still have a sickly, orange leg up on UW.

I don't know what that means, but I take offense.

I believe this Husky team would have beaten a number of duck teams over the past decade, but unfortunately that means nothing. Marcus Mariota and this current Nike squad might be the best group to come out of that shithole down south. After Stanford's performance in Utah, it's looking like the SEC (i.e. 'Bama) will have the best shot of taking out the ducks this year. Oregon vs. Alabama, now there's a Turd Sandwich vs. a Giant Douche matchup if I've ever seen one.

You're dead to me, Corso.

This was a massive disappointment, but we have to pick up the pieces. UW is still 4-2 and ranked 20th in the country. This team still could be the best the program has seen since 2000. But Saturday's matchup with ASU is a monster game. A three-game losing streak puts UW right back into the pattern of mediocrity we're desperately trying to get away from. A win gives the Dawgs are great chance to get to 7-2 before the big showdown with UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

Losing to Oregon is miserable, but there are plenty more highlights for the Huskies this season. You can bet the nation's leading rusher will provide many of them:

The sankiest running back in all the land.

All we can do is shake this off and push for a better future. The new Husky Stadium and facilities have put UW in a great position to surpass those Disney-coated shitbirds, but a 9-10 win year will certainly speed up the process.

Oh, and the Dawgs definitely owe ASU a beatdown. Especially down in the desert. And it's time to put it on them.

Go Dawgs!

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Oct 10, 2013

Nike Eww

Once every two years, an infestation crawls out of the bowels of Washington's Mexico and skitters north into our great city like a legion of roaches wrapped in overpriced piss yellow/puke green apparel. Armed with their bottles of urine and buckets of feces (why they haven't learned to use a toilet yet is beyond me), these ducks drag around their corkscrew penises and their one exit holes (piss, shit, eggs, the whole shabangabang), and generally sully our beautiful land.

It's been said the only Seattleites happy about this biennial pilgrimage of Oregon fans are the meth dealers - as these sub-humans go through more crystal than Swarovski. Nike U fans are a disturbing sight, dripping with a combination of obnoxiousness and corporate whorism while proudly displaying their "huge dick in my face" hand gesture. How much can they suck?

"This much!!"

Congrats, I guess? Speaking of sucking, let's do a little roundup of this year's duck rap sheet:

Remember Cliff "the Spliff" Harris? He was never on the field enough to be a very productive football player, but boy, he's a productive law-breaker! His latest dust up was a domestic harassment arrest after pushing his girlfriend outside of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Hillsboro. A few days later, on his way to court, Spliff got pulled over for speeding, passing in a no-passing zone, and driving without his license... and promptly missed his court date.

You certainly did "smoke it all" Cliff, your NFL career that is.

Then we have John Boyett, another duck and 2013 draft pick of the Colts, going nuts after being kicked out of an Indianapolis bar for being too drunk. He stiff-armed a cop, fled, and then told police they couldn't arrest him because "he is a Colts player." The Colts released him the next day.

Then we have Oregon freshman Tyree Robinson getting cited for harassment after slapping a 19-year-old girl's rear a few times. Not cool, man. I hope you accept the cage match challenge from this nutjob.

And then there's Colt Lyerla who left the Oregon program earlier this week and had a little drunken assault incident last year. And also posted a very regrettable tweet supporting a crackpot conspiracy video about the Sandy Hook shootings:

Ah dude, just don't do that. 

The crazy thing is this level of law-breaking is actually an improvement for Nike University. It pales in comparison to their crime spree a few years back. So yeah, there are still many, many reasons to hate the ducks.

Pixar gets it.

And many, many reasons to love Keith Price, especially after his awesome, gutsy performance against Stanford. This guy has played his heart out for UW and taken a ton of big hits (and grief) along the way. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing him notch the biggest win for Husky Football in years.

But it's going to take a near flawless game from the Dawgs to take down Uncle Phil's Helmeted Mercenaries. They'll need to bring the same physicality as the Stanford game, but will also need to constantly protected the ducks from getting to the edges. And this deluge of penalties has to stop - UW simply can't afford another 10-penalty outing in this matchup. Oh, and the kick coverage... we'll want to do some of that on Saturday.

This will be a huge challenge, but this game is winnable. The raucous home crowd will keep the Huskies fired up throughout the game, the defense is finally accustomed to handling a fast-paced offense, and the team is deeper and more experienced than any squad in the Sark era.

Can UW pull the upset on Saturday?
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If the Huskies are going to take back this rivalry, it starts with Saturday's game. Eventually, the universe will return to its natural state of UW owning the ducks. Much like Louis CK describes in this clip:

Just a big barrel of duck vaginas.

I think the Huskies can finally play to their potential and win this one in front of a roaring home crowd. Bishop Sankey will again carry the load and ASJ will break out for a big game. This Husky defense will limit the duck attack to their lowest output of the year and UW wins a wild one, 35-34.

Mix that Purple Drank, settle into the stadium early, and GET LOUD. Go Dawgs!

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Oct 8, 2013

The Stanford Injury Debate - To the Tape!

The faking injuries debate rages on. It's so intense that I might need to roll around on the floor for awhile and then be helped out of my office before quickly running back to my desk, full charged.

The back story: Coach Sark believes Stanford players were instructed by coaches to exaggerate injuries to slow down UW's fast-paced offense thereby giving Stanford's defense a rest. From the SportspressNW.com article:
“Their defensive-line coach (former UW assistant Randy Hart) was telling them to sit down. I guess that’s how we play here at Stanford, so we’ll have to prepare for that next time. At some point, we’ll get repaid for it. That never serves a purpose for us, and we’ll never do that.”
The two "injured" parties, defensive end Ben Gardner and linebacker Shayne Skov emphatically denied faking injuries on Twitter (though Skov has since deleted his tweets):

Okay Shayne, we will "Grow up, n watch the replay." To the tape!

The first play shows Ben Gardner absolutely whiffing on an attempted tackle of Bishop Sankey. This play occurred 7 plays into UW's second drive of the 4th quarter. Gardner writhes on the ground in agony for a few minutes and a TV timeout is called.

Now nobody wants to question whether a player is injured, but the replay shows what appears to be a standard dive from Gardner with his pride being the only thing hurt on the play. It appears Gardner is a little winded and starts to get up, but then realizes this is a good opportunity to stay down and give his defense a rest.

And lo and behold, look who's rearing to go after the TV timeout! Gardner sits out the rule-mandated one play due to his injury, and then jogs back out for the next play. And two plays later, Gardner helps stuff Sankey in the backfield for a 3-yard loss.

The next injury occurs on the 11th play of the same drive when Skov collides with a teammate and needs on-field assistance for an injured knee. Eventually, Skov is able to limp off of the field. But hey, two plays later, look who's back! Those wonder drugs on the Stanford sideline sure seem to be working!

It seemed like the only legitimate injury on this drive was the thumb on Keith Price's throwing hand. Between Gardner and Skov's injuries, it appears Skov has a better argument that he needed a moment to recover from what he might have initially thought was a more serious knee injury. Gardner doesn't have that excuse - it's pretty difficult to argue that he wasn't exaggerating his condition to slow down gameplay.

What is your take on the Stanford injuries?
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The additional rest certainly didn't hurt the Stanford defense as they were able to deflect and intercept Keith Price's pass on their own 5-yard-line in one of the biggest plays of the game (but obviously not the biggest...)

This is a dicey situation as no one likes to call out injured players for not actually being injured. But this will definitely become a bigger issue as more and more teams run fast-paced offenses. I was shocked when the play-by-play guys mentioned that the Stanford defense didn't even practice defending a hurry-up offense in the week before the game. Seriously? So the only strategy you practiced is lying on the ground to catch your breath?

UPDATE: Stanford coach David Shaw responds:
"We don't fake injuries. We never have. We never will. I don't care what (Washington coach Steve) Sarkisian thinks he saw. The only assistant coach I've ever known to order players to fake injuries coaches at Washington. We play by the rules and we do it with integrity. We've beaten Washington five of the last six times. When they beat us (last year), we congratulated Washington. We didn't talk about the officials. We took it."
The bad blood is boiling! Here is another suspicious Stanford injury from three years ago:

And here's the full Stanford game replay on ESPN3.com.

Gardner and co. are making it pretty difficult to root for the Cardinal when they play Nike U later in the season, but uh, not that difficult. Stanford is like the douchebag who cut you off on the freeway while Oregon is the idiot who caused a 30-car pile up because he dropped his meth pipe and "just had to get a hit of that sweet, sweet crystal."

Before we move on to the piss-colored elephant in the room, TheDawgGal has some great final words on the Stanford game:

As much as that heartbreaking 31-28 loss made me want to channel my inner Alpha Beta and trash the Tri-Lamb's Palo Alto campus, my head has finally cleared enough to try and breakdown the Saturday's game somewhat objectively.


For those of you who were quick enough with your television remote and able to switch over from ESPN to ESPN News in time for kickoff (heaven forbid any of those SEC fans miss the gripping end of that 59-26 LSU-Mississippi State blowout), you saw Ty Montgomery run the ball back for a 99 yard touchdown. This would be one of the main storylines of the night, poor special teams on the part of Washington. Montgomery would continue his spot on Devin Hester impression later in the third quarter by returning another kick for 68 yards, setting up Stanford's offensive for another score.

"Mommy, why are those two Atlanta Falcons kissing?"

But as TheDawgDude noted, the bigger issue was the officiating. If the Arizona State - Wisconsin game failed to convince anyone that the Pac-12 has the worse referees in college football, hopefully this game erased any doubt. Flags seemed to fly on every other play, and the Dawgs chalked up 10 total penalties for 89 yards.

Still, our boys kept fighting. In the second half they came out strong, with Keith Price marching down the field and connecting with Kevin Smith in less than a minute. A fake punt by Travis Koons lead to another score by Bishop Sankey.

Our defense, which had been amazing all night, even held the Trees scoreless after Price made his first mistake of the evening, a pass intercepted by A.J. Tarpley in the 4th quarter. Another UW touchdown catch by Jaydon Mickens, bringing the score to 31-28, had everyone thinking, "hey, we might just actually pull this off." All we needed was another score.

On the final drive of the game the Huskies made it to mid-field and Price failed to connect with Austin Seferian-Jenkins on 3rd and 10. Price than threw the ball to Kevin Smith, and it was initially ruled as a completion for a first down. Unfortunately the offense was unable to get a snap off before the refs called for a review. Now I've watched and rewatched this catch more than Oliver Stone has the Zapruder film, and I can't see anything definitive that would lead the to the call being overturned. However, the zebras must've had some super secret "Cardinal Cam" angle that allowed them to see the ball hit the ground, and they ruled the pass as incomplete. With the turnover on downs, all the Shrubs has to do was run down the clock.

You can clearly see the other gunman on the grassy knoll.

It goes without saying after a close game like this that many fans, players and coaches alike are wondering, "what if this had gone the other way?" We can all get pissed off with the officiating and the cheap ass flopping by the Stanford players, but the fact remains the Huskies had some critical missteps that you can't make against a highly ranked opponent. My hats off to the team, and even though I usually am not one for moral victories, I think the team has a lot to be proud of, and will now head into next week confident in the knowledge they can legitimately compete with the best in the nation *on the road*.

And to those of you that are still crying in your beer, buck up! We have an opportunity to erase all memory of this loss by beating Nike U. I have a hunch that Sark will have the team ready and that's we'll come home and win. 
P.S.  An update from TDD's Stanford preview: Tyrone Willingham has apparently tired of throwing clay pots and will be joining the college football playoff selection committee. WTF?

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Oct 7, 2013

Controversy in Nerdlandia

So that was an absolutely brutal way to lose a game. Especially considering a win would have been UW's biggest since the Rose Bowl in 2001. But unfortunately, a 4th down conversion was overturned by the replay crew and the Huskies lost. Here is the replay:

With the game literally decided by the call, it seems difficult to say the pass was incomplete with 100% certainty. It may have been a trap, but I don't think the replay crew would spend three minutes reviewing replays if there wasn't a shred of doubt. And a shred of doubt is all that is needed to maintain the call of a completed pass on the field. Per Article 2 of Rule 12 (Instant Replay) in the NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations:
ARTICLE 2. The instant replay process operates under the fundamental assumption that the ruling on the field is correct. The replay official may reverse a ruling if and only if the video evidence convinces him beyond all doubt that the ruling was incorrect. Without such indisputable video evidence, the replay official must allow the ruling to stand.
Nobody likes it when officials determine the outcome of the game, and there is no argument that the replay crew determined the outcome of this matchup as the call effectively ended the game. UW absolutely could have ended up losing even if they got that first down, but we'll never know.

The next controversy is the "Stanford faking injuries" debate. Coach Sark pointed a finger at former UW assistant coach Randy Hart for instructing Stanford players Ben Gardner (defensive end) and Shayne Skov (linebacker) to fake injuries in order to slow down UW's fast-paced offense on the 4th quarter drive that ended with Price throwing a batted ball that was intercepted at the Stanford 5-yard-line.

Then Ben Gardner hopped on Twitter to refute Sark's claims and take a shot at UW ("stay classy Washington"). I'm getting a little video together that I'll post later tonight. SPOILER ALERT: Stanford's injuries look a bit suspicious...

Go Dawgs!

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Oct 3, 2013

A Trip to the 'Furd Farm


#15 Washington at #5 Stanford. Obviously it's a huge game and a great opportunity for the Huskies to show they can hang with the big boys. Literally. The Cardinal is known to use an offensive set called the "elephant" that features nine offensive linemen and 3,200 pounds of dude. Scary stuff. And Stanford's other offensive set called the "elephant walk" is even more terrifying. I'm not even going to describe it, but it's really, really awful - like "don't look it up on Urban Dictionary" awful.

Stanford is ranked #5 in the country because of their fantastic line play. Both the offensive and defensive lines are filled with maulers that physically wear down their opponents. And in addition to their trademark power-run game, the Cardinal has  been able to stretch the field with long passing plays this year. Granted it was against Wazzu, but Stanford threw for touchdowns of 33, 45, and 57 yards last week. However, one thing the Huskies won't have to worry about playing down in Palo Alto is a raucous crowd.

"Honestly, I'm not intimidated." - Every Stanford Opponent

This is a fan base that mustered 31,622 fans against UCLA last year for the PAC-12 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! There were 20,000 empty seats for the FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP!! Just unreal. The fact that these fans are getting spoiled with such an impressive run of success makes me want to... yep, just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

To be fair, Stanford has managed to sell out their adorable little stadium (50k) in both of their home games so far this year. But it's still not going to be a very intimidating when your wildest, loudest fans are these guys:

C'mon guys, "Fear the Vagina" would be a lot more accurate.

But even without a disorienting crowd, beating Stanford will be very difficult. Not quite as difficult as finding photos of hot Stanford coeds on the internet, but still difficult.

Nah'm sayin?

The biggest difference between the Stanford team that UW upset 17-13 in Seattle last year and this season's squad is quarterback Kevin Hogan. The 6'4 220-pound sophomore has been the real deal since taking over the starting job in the middle of last year. Currently his QB rating is just a tad higher than Keith Price's for the best in the conference.

Fun fact: Kevin is Dexter's older brother.

Let's cut the bullshit for a minute. That guy is supposed to be 20 years old? 20?! Is 20 the new 37? Jesus Christ, he looks older than my uncle. But anyway, Kevin Hogan has the best arm the Huskies have faced this season and has some impressive wheels as well - especially for a middle-aged man.

Sidebar: every time I read "Kevin Hogan" I think of Nintendo's 1984 classic Hogan's Alley. Anyone else? No? Just me? Well now that we're on a NES tangent, did you guys rock the Power Pad?

That kid had the Power Pad AND a sweet jersey? Lucky!!

World Class Track Meet was my fucking jam. The days of quickly tapping your heals on the sensors so your dude runs a 6.0 100-meter dash... eat your heart out, Usain Bolt. World Class Track Meet was actually the only time a white guy ran a sub-10 second-100m. God I hope I get some hatemail from white sprinters.

Alright, back to Stanford. The Cardinal's vaunted defense is led by senior Shayne Skov, who is a  descendent of the famous Ghirardelli chocolatier and the owner of a world-class surprised face:

No caption can do that face justice.

Skov and the rest of the Stanford defense haven't been quite as dominating this year statistically, but that's partly due to the huge leads Stanford has gotten on opponents before taking their foot off the gas. The Tree led ASU 39-7 in the 4th quarter before the Sun Devils closed the gap to 42-28. Similarly, Stanford was up 48-3 on Wazzu in the 4th before winning 55-17. So yeah, this is another legit Stanford defense.

And Stanford's disruptive, physical defense is a big reason why they've been able to beat UW in six out of the last eight meetings - a run of Cardinal dominance not seen in this rivalry for forty years... like way back when Nixon was president and Kevin Hogan was just a little kid (seriously, you look old as fuck, Kevin!)

How many games will UW win in the brutal Stanford, Nike U, Arizona State stretch?
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Now I hate to dig up ghosts from the past, and this one is particularly ghastly, but it's important to remember the most damaging wound Stanford ever inflicted on the Washington program:

The Worst Coach in the History of Husky Football.

Speaking of Ty Willy, ESPN just ran a segment called "Where Are College Football's Worst Coaches Ever Now?" and evidently Willingham has just opened a pottery studio outside of Palo Alto where he literally molds young men, and all of his storage bins are labeled "Comportment." All jokes aside, my hate for that guy still burns.

Let me just swallow this fiery anger and move on. GULP. Okay, so this game is going to be a tough one. Most lines have Stanford favored by 7-8 points, which actually seems a bit low given how Washington has been demolished in games like this over the last few years. But I do believe this squad is different - it's Sark's deepest, most experienced, and most mature team and I don't see them getting blown out in this one (or at least I really, really don't want to believe they'll get blown out in this one).

So fuck it, I think the Dawgs keep Stanford from hitting big plays (like they've done all year) and UW's sideline-to-sideline, hurry-up offense finds some cracks in the Cardinal defense and the Huskies bring home a massive victory, 27-24.

As always, Go Daw--

Wait, I found one!

The apple was a nice choice, photographer.

Go Dawgs!

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Guest Post: Batten Down the Hatches!

We have a guest post this week from TheDawgGal, a friend of the site and a lifelong Husky fan. Take it away, TDG!

Monsoon season has arrived at Montlake, that's for damn sure. I've been to many UW games in my time, but I've never experienced weather quite like that. For those of you that weren't at Husky Stadium on Saturday, imagine taking a shower in the middle of a wind tunnel and that's a decent approximation. At one point the rain was so blinding it felt like I was on a fishing boat during a storm.

A fan in Section 325 seriously considering heading to The Zone.

Naturally such inclement weather conditions tend to make teams rely more on the run game, and Bishop Sankey showed Ka'Deem Carey how it's done with 161 rushing yards, a touchdown, and a school-record 40 carries. 

Regular or chrome helmet, Bishop don't care.

This is not to say the passing game was totally neglected, as Keith Price had some nice touchdown throws to Kevin Smith and ASJ...which is more than one could say for the Mildcats. Here is a quick highlight video featuring that sexy little touchdown pass from KP to Smith on UW's opening possession:

Arizona clearly had problems getting anything going offensively. Quarterback B.J. Denker turned in an abysmal passing performance (40% completion rate, and 2 INTs) leading RichRod to routinely shower him in F-bombs on the sidelines.

"If 70k people weren't watching, I would choke you out right now."

Hey parents of Zona recruits, didn't that look fun! When Arizona finally got some momentum and put a few points on the board, Husky defender Marcus Peters snagged another Vanilla Vick throw, causing RichRod to once again go apeshit, throwing down his headset in a fury. Jesse Callier put the final nail in the coffin with a 2 yard TD run. Final score Washington 31- Arizona 13.

Coach Sark desperately trying to give a shit.

So the Dawgs are now 4-0, and while I'm sure we all love basking in the glow of our undefeatness, we mustn't forget the team now starts a brutal 3 game stretch against Stanford, Oregon and Arizona State. Even those wearing the most purple tinted of glasses must confess it will be extremely difficult to win all of those, but if the team keeps playing at the level it has been I don't think it's unrealistic for us to pick off at least one of them. 

Oh, and in case anyone affiliated with the operations of the upper level concessions stands is reading this, take note: when it's fucking freezing don't allow yourselves to run out of coffee and hot chocolate! Though I did hear the luxury suites were hoarding all the Starbucks grinds and packets of Swiss Miss. Not cool rich people, not cool.

Solid work by TheDawgGal on her first post. I'll be posting a Stanford preview (read: lots of nerd jokes) later tonight. Go Dawgs!

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