Dec 27, 2013

Time for the 9th

It's been a very strange month since the Huskies defeated Wazzu in the Apple Cup. The coaching turnover has created a great deal of uncertainty at Montlake, but hopefully Tui's leadership and overall Husky-ness will be enough to refocus this team on the task at hand: securing a 9th win and getting revenge on some Mormons.

I'm still pissed at the Fightin' Brigham Youngs for the infamous 2008 game when Jake Locker was outrageously penalized for a TD celebration, which resulted in a blocked extra point and a Husky loss. That terrible penalty call also resulted in head referee Larry Farina earning Douchebag of the Year honors.

Still pissed at you, Lawrence.

UW also lost at BYU in 2010 when Jake Heaps was their quarterback (remember when that guy was a can't-miss prospect? Spoiler alert: he missed). So the Huskies should be out for revenge in addition to a 9th win tonight.

This BYU team features a fast-paced, run-oriented offense with two 1,200+ yard rushers and a defense that includes one of the top linebackers in the country in Kyle Van Noy. After a mystifying loss at Virginia, BYU went 8-3 with beatdowns of Texas and Boise State. BYU will get yards, but the Husky defense will have to keep them out of the endzone and force field goals.

Sophomore QB Taysom Hill is a legit athlete and fellow sophomore Jamaal Williams has been very productive in his young Cougar career. Plus most of their guys are 1-2 years older than other teams due to taking missions (i.e. pestering people around the world about Joe Smith and cosmology). Just look at this guy:

He actually grew that 'stache in the '80s.

That's Spencer Hadley. He's a 32 year-old, 14th-year senior with 3 wives ((like I wasn't gonna make one polygamy joke, c'mon, you know me better than that.)

On paper, UW is a more talented team than BYU, but could struggle after the emotional roller coaster of the last few weeks. Teams respond differently to coaching changes and uncertainty around the program: Boise State came out flat as hell against the Beavers and got rolled while USC jumped all over Fresno State and blew them out. It'll certainly be a testament to Coach Tui's head coaching potential if he can keep this team focused and motivated tonight. Especially now that it's been reported that starting safety Will Shamburger and starting guard Dexter Charles (arguably UW's best OL) won't be playing.

Speaking of Tui, he will be deciding on his coaching future after the game. The word around Montlake is that he was offered a position on Coach Pete's staff coaching tight ends. It's hard not to see this move as a step down for Tui, and the fact that he's waiting to announce until after the game makes me think he won't be returning to UW next year. I really hope he does though.

Tui showing off his "Husky Face."

Reports came out today that Justin Wilcox will follow Sark to USC. That sucks, but makes sense with Wilcox's good buddy Peter Sirmon going down there and USC moving on from their DC Clancy Pendergast. Wilcox worked wonders for the UW defense so hopefully former Boise State DC Pete Kwiatkowski (man that is a bitch to type) can keep the improvement going.

Then there's Tosh Lupoi. It sounds like he won't be returning to UW or going to USC. My feeling is he'll resurface in the SEC where recruiting violations and less-than-ethical behavior ain't no big thang. Losing Tosh puts a dent in recruiting, but ultimately, he might be more trouble than he's worth. Hopefully the former BSU coaches can develop into top-flight recruiters (I'm looking at you Keith Bhonapha and Jimmy Lake).

As far as tonight's game goes, I was surprised to see that the Vegas line has actually increased from favoring UW by 3 points to 4.5. The coaching flux and Husky injuries make me pretty nervous about this game, but ultimately I think the Huskies are galvanized from their "we all we got, we all we need" mantra and will come away with the victory. It's not going to be easy though, call it 30-27 UW.

Go Dawgs!

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Dec 6, 2013

Coach Pete Joins Husky Nation!

How do you grade UW's head coaching hire? free polls 

What a huge relief to land the big fish. Now Petersen needs to fill out his staff, hopefully by retaining Wilcox, Lupoi, and Tui. The ladder two should be close to guaranteed, but Wilcox's future is very much in doubt. He could become a HC at Boise or another school, or possibly join Sark down at USC. My bet is he'll either become a head coach or return to UW as DC. Still lots to sort out in what has been a crazy couple of days.

Go Dawgs!

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Dec 4, 2013

Petersen or Nussmeier?

With the Seattle Times reporting that Chris Petersen (head coach at Boise State) and Doug Nussmeier (offensive coordinator at Alabama) are now the frontrunners for the head coaching job at UW, it's clearly time for a new poll:

Who do prefer to lead UW? free polls 

Both guys have been very successful in their coaching careers. Petersen is a ridiculous 92-12 at Boise State while Nussmeier is fresh off a national championship as the OC at 'Bama. Between these two, I have to go with Petersen. He's a much more proven commodity as a HC, albeit at a non-BCS school. But make no mistake, he has been the best of the best outside of the BCS.

Yes, this year has been a step back at 8-4. But take a look at '08-'12: 61-5 with a Fiesta Bowl win and an undefeated season in '09. In those five years, BSU finished in the Top 10 three times and the Top 15 all five times. Obviously Boise didn't face the grueling Pac-12 schedule during those years, but Petersen also didn't have UW quality players.

BSU doesn't recruit like a Pac-12 team, yet they had four 1st round picks in the NFL Draft during that span. Petersen and his staff were able to develop decent recruits into the best in the country. I don't think UW will ever be able to out-recruit USC, UCLA, and maybe even Stanford when they're great, so the ability to maximize the talent level of UW's recruits is key to competing for Pac-12 titles. And Wilcox was DC for Peterson at Boise, so maybe he stays on the staff as well.

Nussmeier is a strong candidate too - he's a national championship-winning OC who seems to be a legit quarterback guru. He could also be better than Petersen eventually. But Boise's head man is clearly the more experienced of the two and simply a less risky pick right now. It sounds like Peterson's buyout clause is $750k + another million ($250k x 4 years remaining) so this could all be a moot point. Plus he might just be playing the leverage game with BSU (ugh). We'll have to wait and see...

Go Dawgs!

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The Search Continues...

Who is your 1st choice for the new Husky coach? free polls 

Tui has been named the interim head coach. Not sure what this means for Wilcox as generally a defensive coordinator would get this designation over a QB coach. Maybe Wilcox wants to look around for HC gigs at smaller school without taking on the responsibility of interim HC.  It could also be that UW and Wilcox are parting ways.

This move makes me thinking UW isn't hiring a new coach until after this weekend or even the bowl games. On one hand, that sucks for recruiting, though this year is a small class and coaching turnover always makes recruiting a good class difficult. On the other hand, this could be an indication that UW is high on a head coach that doesn't want to leave their team floating in the wind (a coach unlike Sark). Pinkel certainly fits in this category with his team's huge game this weekend.

I'll be a little pissed if UW is forced to wait for Nussmeier. I feel like he should come to UW right away if he's named head coach. Alabama has almost no chance of playing in the NC and if Nuss wants to be the head man, he should immediately start reviving this program that has had a very rough couple of days. But then again, Sark stayed at USC for the bowl game... maybe we should have read more into that at the time.

The Seattle Times reported that both Wilcox and Tui interviewed with Woodward today, but potentially more for the "interim coach" position for the bowl game. There's supposedly mutual interest between UW and Nussmeier as well, but no reports of an interview.

There was some twitter chatter yesterday that Petrino is in town, but I don't see that confirmed anywhere. Petersen is said to be interested, but with his track record of turning down jobs, that seems iffy at best.

Pinkel is a little busy prepping Mizzou for the SEC Championship game this weekend. Haven't heard much about Franklin (Vanderbilt) or DeRuyter (Fresno State).

Sounds like more waiting game for awhile...

Go Dawgs!

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Dec 3, 2013

So... Who's Next?

Well, there ya go. It's not shocking that Sark would take the USC job (hometown, old employer, SoCal talent pool, etc.) but it is a bit of a surprise that USC would extend the offer. Sark was 34-29 at UW (24-21 in conference) and while he righted the ship after the brutal Gilbertson/Ty Willy years, he never won big at a school that has certainly won big in the past.

It's a shame that UW players found out about Sark's move from social media as opposed to Sark himself. While I'm sure Sark would have preferred the news to have broken after today's 2pm meeting, he should have realized that social media waits for no one and done the right thing by notifying the team first.

But ultimately Sark got this program on the right track. Clearly UW is headed in the right direction and with the new stadium, facilities, and upgraded talent on the roster, the university should be able to reel in a much bigger coach this time around than when Sark was hired in '08. Unfortunately, the rumors are indicating that much of UW's impressive staff will head south as well. Justin Wilcox and Tosh Lupoi have both been linked to SC though Wilcox would almost definitely stay if UW offered him the head coaching gig (which in my opinion would be a mistake).

So where does UW go from here?

Jim L. Mora

You know the story on Mora. Former Husky player, former NFL head coach, current UCLA Bruin. He has revived UCLA in less than two years, going 18-8. Obviously everyone likes the idea of a former Husky taking the reigns and Mora does seem much better suited for the college game than the NFL (fiery, impressive recruiter, etc.) UW could undoubtedly give him a big raise from his $1.935 million salary, but UCLA would most likely match or exceed the offer. We'll find out if Mora is willing to spur his current employer to seize the chance to become The Dawgfather II.

Gary Pinkel

Pinkel is from the Coaching School of Don James, having spent '79-'00 as an assistant at UW before head coaching gigs at Toledo and Missouri. At 11-1, #5 in the country, and playing this weekend in the SEC Championship game, Pinkel is at the top of the coaching profession. Look what he has done at Mizzou:

The 13 years before Pinkel: 51-91-4 (.359)

The 13 years with Pinkel: 101-62 (.620)

Clearly he has proven himself as a consistent winner. But at 61 years old and heading a Top Ten team, he may not be interested in relocating to Montlake.

Chris Petersen

92-12. Petersen has won 88.5% of the games he's coached at Boise State. That's insanopants. Yes, the competition level isn't close to the Pac-12, but this guy clearly develops players - BSU has a ton of NFL alumni for how mediocre their recruiting classes have been. Hiring Petersen could also be UW's best shot of keeping Wilcox at DC as the two had a good relationship working together at BSU. 

Petersen has turned down more job offers than Steve Sarkisian promised to win Rose Bowls at UW (like I wasn't gonna take a shot or two), but UW might be his best fit so far. He's a Northwest guy and UW offers an upgrade across the board from BSU (facilities, recruiting, salary, etc.) It's unclear whether Petersen can recruit elite talent, but his winning record is without question.

Doug Nussmeier

Former OC at UW and current OC for Saban at Alabama. Nuss impressed a lot of people at UW during his time here and was instrumental in helping Keith Price flourish in '11. He could be UW's first choice if they end up going the coordinator route.

Justin Wilcox

The current DC at Washington has done a fantastic job improving the defense just like he did at Boise and Tennessee. Wilcox is a very respected DC, but is a bit young at 37 and might need and/or want more seasoning before becoming a head coach.

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Nov 27, 2013

Apple Cup Special!

Is it though? I'm honestly dumbfounded.

Apple Cup week, y'all! Time to avenge that turd of a game last year in the Palouse. The Coug faithful is feeling way too good about themselves with a one-game winning streak over UW and a team that is somehow over .500 at 6-5. So that means it's the perfect time for the big brother Huskies to lay a beatdown on their annoying, red-headed sibling from east of the mountains.


Side note: it's been way too long since I've seen a good babyfight - like a real hard-nosed, bare-knuckled, 15-round baby throwdown. Just sayin'. 

For the first time since 2003, the Apple Cup features two teams with winning records. The Couglets have finally gotten up off the mat after years of futility and now sit in a position to play in a bowl game for the first time in a decade. But with an AC loss, Wazzu would be 6-6 and could miss out on a bowl. It would be a nice revenge for Washington to knock Wazzu out of a bowl as it really could be another ten years before they play in one.

Hmm, maybe if you replace "smart" with "self-loathing."

Wazzu has had a strange season: they beat USC at the Coliseum by holding the Trojans to 7 points (though to be fair, Lame Kiffin was running the show back then), but then gave up 52 at home to the Beavers in a blowout loss. One thing is for certain, Wazzu is gonna throw the ball. A ton. They threw it 89 times against Oregon. 89. Insano. I didn't realize Napoleon Dynamite had that kind of arm.

C'mon Connor, grow out the hair, buddy...

While Connor Halliday is #3 in the nation in passing yards, he's #1 in the nation in interceptions (19). This could spell disaster for Wazzu as UW has intercepted five passes over their last three games, and forced nine turnovers overall. If Connor Dynamite turns the ball over, it's going to be very difficult for this to happen:

As opposed to Win the Defeat?

What is it with Cougs and dumb shirts? "Win the victory!" is something the not-so-bright freshman cheerleader yells when she goes off-script, like "Score the points!" Just stick to the black pants:

Not sure if you guys remember this, but during the Apple Cup last year, Coug fans tore off a bleacher at their own stadium and carried in through the crowd.

 Such a Coug move.

Yes, Couglets are a strange, strange breed. And can be so creepy that even a self-professed pirate wants to get the hell away from them.

"No, I don't want to see your 4-H trophies."

Every Apple Cup raises the question of whether Wazzu is a bigger rival than Oregon. Obviously the UW/WSU has its own name and pits many family members against each other, but when asked who they'd rather beat, many Husky fans would pick the ducks.

Who is UW's biggest rival? free polls 

It does seem like the players see this game as the bigger rivalry however. Throughout the years, there has been significantly more shit-talking involving UW/WSU than UW/OU. I was happy to see Husky center Mike Criste getting pumped about playing the Cougs even during the midst of the locker room celebration after destroying Oregon State. From The Daily:
“I’m thinking about it right now,” center Mike Criste said after the game. “[I’m thinking about] kicking their ass.”
I love it. And Las Vegas believes the Dawgs will kick some Cougar ass as well with UW favored by 14.5 points. Obviously anything can happen in this game, but I'm betting on the Husky passing defense to cause a lot of trouble for Halliday, and for The Bishop to churn out yards against a mediocre Wazzu defense. If the O-line imposes their will against WSU like they did against the Beavs, it shouldn't matter if Keith Price or Cyler Miles is running the show. UW 41-24.

Go Dawgs!

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Nov 23, 2013

Leave It To Beaver

It's come down to beating the Beavs to have a shot at a successful season. If UW loses this game, seven wins is the best they'll be able to muster in the regular season after all of the much-hyped "getting over the hump" talk earlier in the year. 

This game will go a lot in determining Sark's future at UW - yes, his QB is banged up, but UW has a more talented and experienced squad than OSU and should be able to take out the Beavers in Corvallis for the first time since 2003.

Call it Dawgs 27-23. And here's TheDawgGal for a little pre-game snark:

I must confess I have a soft spot for Oregon State after cheering for them every year in the Civil War game. Any hatred I have of the team is geared more toward their stupid ass mascot, Benny the Beaver. Those evil googly eyes haunt my dreams:
Inline image 1
"Saturday Night Beaver"
There's also the aerodynamic gopher logo they're sporting these days...not that I should cast stones considering the Huskies 2001-2006 logo:

Inline image 2
Now that's an angry Beaver.

I much prefer the hip-hop inspired Benny Jr. that graces OSU's recruitment page.

Kris Kross will make Corvallis jump, jump!

And here's Benny the Beaver enjoying his favorite activity:

Inline image 4
 Having Mel Gibson's hand up his ass.

 Go Dawgs!

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Nov 18, 2013

Dawgs are Bummin'

A potential season-saving road win against the #13 team in the country turned into a disaster as the Dawgs dropped another road game, this time a 41-31 loss to UCLA. The frustration is starting to boil over for Husky Nation as UW effectively beat themselves on Friday after spotting the Bruins a 14-0 lead due to fumbles by ASJ and Bishop Sankey.

It certainly didn't help that Keith Price was injured late in the second quarter and unable to return in the second half. UW was able to move the ball at times with redshirt freshman Cyler Miles at QB, but two costly interceptions kept the Huskies from getting back into the game.

Former Bellevue Wolverine and current UCLA freshman, Myles Jack, added to his two-way player lore in rushing for four touchdowns and 59 yards against UW. Jack also made a number of enemies in the Northwest with this odd display of showboating:

Yep, gonna hate that guy for the next few years.

So now the Huskies sit at 6-4 with their starting quarterback nursing a shoulder injury that could keep him out of Saturday's game against the Beavers. The latest word is that Price didn't suffer any structural damage, but the swelling on his throwing shoulder could still prevent him from playing. Ugh.

To add insult to injury, the Pac-12 officially apologized today for the personal foul penalty on Dexter Charles that negated a 38-yard touchdown pass to Damore'ea Stringfellow in the second quarter while the Bruins led 27-7. The Huskies ended up punting on that drive. While that play wouldn't have necessarily changed the outcome of the game, it was an absolutely brutal penalty in a key situation that serves as another blow to the Pac-12's officiating reputation that has truly become the laughingstock of college football.

After the repeated cries that this season would be different than the three previous 7-win years, the Huskies are right back to staring mediocrity in the face. Beating OSU in Corvallis on Saturday night will be a tall order for a team that 1) has struggled down there in recent history and 2) may be without their starting quarterback. A resurgent Wazzu team (5-5) will also be a difficult game, especially if KP is unable to go.

So how hot do you think Sark's seat should be right now? In many ways, this is his best team at UW, but they're still 6-4 and were unable to contend with the top teams in the conference. Again. 

What should Coach Sark's future be at UW this year? free polls 

There is still a decent chance that this team can go 9-4 and wipe away much of the frustration of the season, but they'll certainly have to play better than they did at the Rose Bowl. Let us now pour out some Purple Drank to bless the healing powers of KP's shoulder. We're gonna need him.

Go Dawgs!

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Nov 14, 2013

The Time Is Now

UW is back to the big-time against UCLA tomorrow night after a three-week stretch of two cupcakes and a bye. Beating the #13 ranked Bruins in the Rose Bowl would vault Washington back into the Top 25 and position the team for an Alamo / Holiday type bowl as opposed to a Sun / Las Vegas / (gulp) Fight Hunger bowl.

But it won't be easy. For one thing, the Dawgs will have to take on the dynamic duo of Jim Mora Jr. and Myles Jack - both of whom represent sore spots for Husky fans.

 Mora's office is seriously no-frills.

A segment of the fan base saw Mora as UW's savior after he mentioned that coaching the Huskies was his "dream job" while coaching the Atlanta Falcons. In 2007,  Atlanta fire Mora and he was potentially interested in coaching the Huskies, but UW chose to retain Ty Willingham for a fourth season instead (ugh). 

Now Mora has found quick success at UCLA where he's gone 16-7 over the past two seasons. Ultimately it doesn't make much sense for UW fans to pine for Mora as the odds of him replacing Sark are quite low. If UW did part ways with Sark, the school could potentially offer Mora a significant raise (Sark currently makes $2.57m to Mora's 2.3m), but UCLA would most likely ante up to keep him. 


Who will have the better college football coaching career? free polls 

All of this is moot really as Husky fans should be rooting for Sark to win out this year so we don't have to seriously consider replacements. Anyway, let's end the Mora discussion with a photo of him playing Purple Nurple with Nebraska's Bo Pelini:

Mora lost a nipple that day.

And then there's Myles Jack who scorned UW for UCLA and is now tearing it up as a true freshman linebacker and is apparently the best running back on the team. Good grief. This article makes it sound like Jack chose UCLA after getting to know Mora while his little brother played on the same Pee Wee team as Mora's son. So basically if the Seahawks didn't hire Mora and he took a different job instead of coming to Seattle, Jack might be a Husky right now. God damn it.

Myles Jack = a young Paul Mooney?

The Husky defense will once again face a mobile, dual-threat quarterback in UCLA's Brett Hundley (another near UW commit). Mobile QBs Marcus Mariota and Taylor Kelly both shredded the Huskies, so hopefully Wilcox and crew will install a game plan that keeps Hundley in check. If not, here's hoping this bear eats him before tomorrow night:

Interesting choice, photographer...

If UW plays like they did at Stanford (minus the kickoff coverage part), they will win this game. The Bruins have struggled mightily against good, physical defenses (12 points/game vs. Stanford/Nike U) with Hundley having a penchant for throwing interceptions at critical times. UW's best bet is to load up on the run and force Hundley to beat them with his arm. Hopefully the Dawgs pick up a couple defensive scores like last week and we get to see UCLA backup QB Jerry Neuheisel in mop-up duty:

My mom's lesbian yoga pal called and she wants her hair back.

In all honesty, that haircut is rad, and it would be one helluva golf club warmer. Anyway, I've been meaning to mention a new and very important element of Husky football, which is, of course, Jaydon Mickens' early 90's era, cut-off jersey:

Frankly, it's been too long since this style was rocked in football and I'm shocked the NCAA hasn't told Mickens to "adjust his modified playing equipment." Maybe the NCAA doesn't watch night games. It's not quite at the level of Half-Jersey Legend, Chris Zorich, but it's close:

But in the end, this Bruin rocks the look better than both of them:

This would be the biggest win of the season for UW, and possibly the biggest of Sark's career. The Huskies haven't beaten a ranked foe on the road since USC over three years ago. The time is now for UW to break the 7-win plateau and start becoming a fixture in the Top 25. I think this experienced team will come out fired up and get the upper-hand on this young Bruin squad. It won't be easy, but UW wins 31-30.

Go Dawgs!

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Nov 8, 2013

In the Buffs

We'll get to Colorado in a minute, but how sweet was watching Nike U fail miserably last night? Those crying Oregon fans were priceless - you reap what you sow, dickheads. Here's a nice shot of Uncle Phil realizing he can't buy a National Championship (or possibly a Pac-12 Championship... or even a Pac-12 North Championship):

 "How many tiny child workers does it take to win a Natty!!!"

That shot came courtesy of which has some more delightful, sad Nike faces on it. Now that they've been slapped out of the BCS picture, it'll sure be nice not to hear about the duckies for awhile.

On to Colorado. While this squad is 0-5 in Pac-12 play, they're basically a team of true freshmen that are playing better and gaining confidence every week. They hung around with UCLA at the Rose Bowl and forced the Bruins to play their starters for the entire game. The Buffaloes are ripe for their first conference win and UW absolutely cannot let them hang around on Saturday and give them the chance to snag a victory in the 4th quarter.

The Buffaloes are sporting true freshmen at quarterback, running back, and their leading tackler. That's pretty insane. The QB is Tacoma product Sefo Liufau, who plays a bit like an extremely poor man's Marcus Mariota.

Liufau custom orders helmets to accommodate his massive ears.

Liufau showed some balls against UCLA when he got in massive linebacker Anthony Barr's face and shoved him after the 6'4 255-pound 'backer smashed him and picked up a roughing the passer call. I like that this rail thin, just-turned-19-year-old stood up to Barr even if the linebacker crushed him again on the very next play drawing another roughing the passer penalty. When asked how many quarterbacks have shoved him, Barr said, "Not many. Not many. That was also a first." Good for Sefo and his Dumbo ears.

I do have to admit that I'm a big fan of Ralphie the Buffalo and wish he was making the trip to Montlake:

Just a glorious, glorious beast.

Little known fact about Ralphie: she's a lady. An enormous, terrifying, ass-kicking lady. Basically the buffalo version of this woman (probably don't click on that). But while I have much love for Ralphie, Colorado's human mascot, Chip, is a no-talent assclown:

Do us a favor and drown, Chippy.

Those arrogantly goofy eyes, those trivializing plastic horns, those tennis shoes... you're a disgrace to buffaloes everywhere, Chip. Even your name sucks.

What an asshole.

Hopefully Chippy fights Puddles, the idiot duck from Oregon, and they both bleed out.

Ah geez, now I feel bad.

While it won't be as easy as the last two years (38-3 last year, and 52-24 in '11), the Huskies should use their superior talent and experience to grind out a comfortable win against these young Buffs on Saturday. 

Will UW beat Colorado by 28 points or more? free polls 

The 28-point spread seems a bit steep, but I think Bishop Sankey will be able to grind out yards and open up the passing game for Keith Price. I'm calling it 41-20 for the Huskies.

Go Dawgs!

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Oct 24, 2013

Time To Go Cal-Stomping

But first off:

Rest in peace, Dawgfather.

Don James is basically the reason we all love Husky Football. And he's the reason us fans are always trying to will this program towards elite status because Don James did it, so we know it's possible.

We'll get to the Cal-slandering in a minute, but first that ASU game... ugh. It seems like every year the Huskies pick one road game to flat-out mail it in. Last year it was at Arizona (52-17), 2011 was at Stanford (65-21), 2010 was at Arizona again (44-14), and 2009 was at Oregon State (48-21). Clearly Sark has not been able to fix this problem in his five years, nor has he been able to avoid the annual three-game losing streak during his UW tenure. That's gonna need to change.

It's unfortunate how much the attitude around the program has changed over the last three weeks, but that's what a losing streak does, especially when it's topped off by a low-energy, craptastic performance like that one down in Tempe.

While the expectations for this season have been tempered significantly, the Dawgs still have the opportunity to make this a banner year (at least in post-2000 terms). And the first step towards that goal is kicking the shit out of a Cal team that is currently crumpled on the bar floor.

Your 2013 Cal Golden Bears!

It sounds like Keith Price will start as Sark said today that he'd "be surprised if he didn't play." It's good that KP's thumb is feeling better, but it would really be a bummer if he re-injured it against a Cal team that is a 27-point underdog and hasn't beaten a Pac-12 opponent in over a year. But losing to Cal would be an ENORMOUS bummer, so I guess you have to pick your poison.

One thing is for sure, the offensive line better show up on Saturday night. That unit's performance against ASU was reminiscent of the 2008 season... just abysmal. I don't know what happened after that first drive, but yeee-ikes. O-line coach Dan Cozzeto understands that another showling like that will have him out of work, so I would be surprised if those big boys don't come out with their asses on fire on Saturday.

"I have literally lit asses on fire before!"

I do have to say that talking shit about Cal has become a lot more difficult after they announced they would be honoring Don James on their helmets on Saturday:

Certainly a very classy gesture on Cal's part. But slagging off on the opponent is what we do here at, so we might as well start off with a bang:

Read. My. Back.

It's crazy that just a year ago, there was a fair amount of bad blood between UW and Cal due to the Tosh Lupoi hiring and the Shaq Thompson commitment - holy crap, did they make the right decision or what? Jeff Sadford and Co. were kicked to the curb and now Cal sits at 1-6 with their most competitive Pac-12 game being a 22-point loss to Wazzu at home. Ouch. The fruit has definitely rotted in Strawberry Canyon.

We can count on Cal passing for a lot of yards though. That's the hallmark of the Sonny Dykes (via Mike Leach) Bear Raid offense. The only problem is they can't get the ball in the endzone. Cal is averaging 466 yards a game, but only 23.7 points (compared to UW's 482 and 33.6). Side note: has there ever been a face that's more of a "Sonny" than Sonny Dykes?

It's Always Sonny in... yeah, this caption sucks.

His parents named him Daniel, but once that little, cherub face strolled out of Gineytown, they had no choice but to call him Sonny. Anyway, the Little Coach That Could has a bit of a quarterback controversy on his hands. He could either go with true freshman Jared "Action Shot!" Goff who just turned 19 a few days ago:

Or this 11-year-old:

I've heard of coaches offering middle schoolers, but starting them?! Evidently this is redshirt freshman Zach Kline and he's 20... I'm not buying it. I feel like this is a reverse Dominican Republic little leaguer situation. Regardless, both quarterbacks get intercepted more than my Uncle Bruce's letters from jail, so UW is in a good spot here.

Looking at the big picture, the Huskies are 4-3 and could realistically finish anywhere from 6-7 to 10-3 this year. So step up to the plate and make your prediction of UW's record after the bowl season.

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The Dawgs shouldn't have too much trouble moving to 5-3 after this one. An angry team in front of an angry home crowd should allow UW to physically overpower this young Cal team and either one of their prepubescent quarterbacks. I see Cyler Miles getting some playing time and the Huskies cruising to a 45-17 win.

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Go Dawgs!

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