Jun 25, 2012

Williams-to-Daniels 4 Eva

In college football terms, the summer is basically like watching Elisha Cuthbert in The Girl Next Door, except you actually get to see college football naked at the end... that analogy made a lot more sense in my head.  Regardless, you still owe me twelve bucks, 20th Century Fox.

While waiting for the season to start can be painful, the Huskies have had a very productive June on the recruiting front.  Sark and Co. managed to snag the top quarterback and wide receiver from California. 

Troy Williams is the #14 ranked QB in the country while Darrell Daniels is the #5 ranked wide receiver.  Ain't nothin' wrong with that. Williams is the latest highly touted quarterback to come to Montlake, choosing UW over offers from Auburn, Wisconsin, UCLA, and others.  Here's a nice video introduction to Troy that features some highlights, Q&A, and some impressively awkward host work at the 3:02 mark.  

Picking up the top QB in California offsets the loss of the consensus #1 quarterback in the 2012 class, Skyline's Max Browne, who committed to USC in April.  Plus unlike Browne, Williams doesn't look like an extra from Children of the Corn, so that's nice.

To answer your question, Under Armour, I think this is the Big Man on Campus:

As good of a reason as any.

While UW appeared to be Williams' leader for quite some time, the commitment of Daniels was a major surprise.  Everybody wanted this stud: USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, etc.  ESPN places the 6'3 210-pound as the 3rd best player in CA this year.  Considering UW picked up Cali's top player last year (Shaq Thompson), Sark is showing an unprecedented ability to nab elite talent from down south.  Now if he can just keep those top in-state linemen from leaving...

If you want to watch a grown-ass man playing football with children, check out Daniels' highlight tape below:

He's basically Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.

One thing you can do during these football-less days of summer is order your TheDawgDude.com sunglasses.  San Diego State is right around the corner and I know you'd hate to be caught at the game in non-gold, non-expletive-laced shades.  Also, the new bottle openers pair well with reckless summer drinking, so keep that in mind.

Anyway, you'll have to excuse me as I need to get back to watching The Girl Next Door again... maybe this time it'll be different.

Go Dawgs!

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