Mar 10, 2012

Hold Your Breath...

Well, it's certainly not what we all wanted, but UW is now forced to stand at the mercy of the NCAA Selection Committee.  On one hand, the Huskies are the Pac-12 regular season champions and have all sorts of history in the team's favor to get a bid to the NCAA tourney as the champion of a power conference, but this year is unlike any other in that the Pac-12 is incredibly weak and the Dawgs have zero wins against Top 50 teams.

Well, shitsky.  Now that Colorado or Arizona will get an automatic bid by winning the Pac-12 Tournament, and Cal appears to be lock by just about every pundit out there, where does that leave UW? Potentially effed, with a capital EFF.  If the Committee only wants two Pac-12 teams, it looks like there is very little chance that UW will be assessed as having a stronger resume than Cal considering the RPI (Cal: 37, UW: 54) and KenPom (Cal: 28, UW: 66) situation.  At this point, the fate of the Dawgs will rest on whether the Selection Committee believes that the Pac-12 deserves three bids.  Personally, I think giving UW a 50% chance of getting into the tourney is more than generous, but you can bet your sedimentary, cellulite-riddled ass that I'll take (and be praying for) it.

In other Pac-12 news, I gotta say that it's complete garbage that Jorge Gutierrez won conference player of the year over Terrence Ross or Tony Wroten.  Do these look like POY numbers to you?  13 points, 4 assists, and 5 rebounds per game?  He was better last year and he didn't even sniff POY.  The only categories J-Gut led his team in this year were steals (by 0.1) and turnovers.  Hey assholes, this isn't Johnny Hustle of the Year, it's Player of the Year, learn to use your vote wisely.

"Me encanta las pelotas!"

I would use a photo for the Pac-12 Tournament, but sense J-Gut was such a non-factor, the Associated Press didn't even take a photo of him in the two games he played.  And to top it all off, J-Gut dropped a stinker in Cal's loss against Colorado with 10 points and four turnovers which cripples UW's chances of getting into the tournament.  Clearly this is an attempt by Cal to get back at us for the Tosh/Keisau football thievery... I just didn't expect them to seppuku themselves.

But hey, the Dawgs still have a shot at the Big Dance and if not, they'll be a top seed in the NIT and have a great shot at winning five games and taking that bad boy.  It's pretty clear that losing in the 1st Round of the Big Show is better than winning the NIT, but from a pure fan-on-the-couch perspective, would you rather watch your team lose a really important game or win five not-that-important games including a not-that-important championship?  It's worth thinking about at least.

Plus if UW doesn't make the tourney this year, hopefully Ross and Wroten use it as motivation to return for another year.  At the very least, we know that the Husky basketball season isn't over -- hopefully they make the tournament, but if not, we should see the team go deep into the NIT.

Keep your fingers crossed!  Go Dawgs!
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