Jan 3, 2012

Chris Polk Out, Wilcox/Sirmon In

As expected, running back Chris Polk will forego his senior season and enter the 2012 NFL Draft.  This decision makes a ton of sense as I doubt Polk could have improved his draft stock much more with a big senior year (unless he somehow added "elite speed" to his repertoire) but another season of hits would most likely have hurt his longterm future in the NFL.  Obviously Chris Polk has done a tremendous amount for the University of Washington and will be remembered along with Jake Locker, Mason Foster, and Alameda Ta'amu as guys who helped turn the UW program around.

Finally there is some positive Husky football news with the announcement of Justin Wilcox and Peter Sirmon joining the coaching staff.  The more I read about these guys, the more thrilled I am with the hires.  And the speed in which these guys were brought in after the dismissal of the former coaches makes me think that Sark had been considering them for a little while now.

Wilcox spent the last two seasons as the defensive coordinator at Tennessee and the four years prior as the DC at Boise St.  His defenses performed well at both schools, and the only real knock on Wilcox is that he played college ball at Oregon... but maybe you need a duck to kill a duck.   Much has been written about Wilcox turning a very young, inexperienced Tennessee defense into the 28th best defense in the country, and supposedly Texas tried to hire him for their DC position after last season.  According to this article, it also sounds like he is adept at making defensive adjustments and shutting opponents down in the second half, which is something we haven't had at Montlake in quite awhile.  Check out this quote from the article:
That means that on the first two drives, UT fans can expect to give up a a long drive (measured by distance) more than half the time. In the rest of the game, we can expect to give up a long drive once every seven or eight possessions. 
Um yeah, I'll take that.  SEC offenses aren't quite the offensive freak shows like they are in the Pac-12, but obviously a defense that can perform along those lines at UW will be a ginormous improvement.

Peter Sirmon served as the linebackers coach at Tennessee the last two years and has built up a reputation for being an outstanding recruiter.  He had gotten four 4-star and two 3-star defensive verbals to UT already this year and hopefully will have even more success out here considering his west coast ties.  Yes, Sirmon also played at Oregon, but he's from Walla Walla and most likely would have been a Husky if sanctions didn't keep him from getting a scholarship back in the early '90s.  Believing that is how I sleep at night at least.

It wil be interesting to see who is hired to fill out the remaining positions of safeties and cornerbacks coach.  Rocky Seto may not be an option at this point, but you never know.  I'm assuming Wilcox will have some guys in mind and would be a little surprised if Sark didn't give him the autonomy to fill out his coaching staff.  The latest rumor is from a Shaq Thompson tweet that UW is looking at former Cal and 49ers defensive backs coach, Al Simmons.  He seems like a pretty solid candidate, though hopefully there is a good explanation for why he left Cal for UTEP last year.

In basketball news, the Dawgs got two impressive victories over the Oregon schools and appear to have gotten their season back on track.  Tony Wroten is a flat-out stud who seems to be improving in every game.  Hopefully the weak competition in the Pac-12 will allow the Huskies to creep back into the NCAA tourney.

Oh, and the ducks won the Rose Bowl yesterday due to a steady dose of this:

You gonna tell that part to your grandkids, Chippy?

Go Dawgs!
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Anonymous said...

Nice GIF. Keep in mind Oregan only went to the Rose Bowl because USC couldn't. That's how I sleep at night anyhow. And yes, I recognize the spelling error, but I think it's Phil Knighrs Oregan in old Chippy boys mouth

terrible terry said...

love it, love it, it love

terrible terry said...

Go, Chippy,polish the pickel

Anonymous said...

I noticed the chipster wears blue colored contacts. Seriously, what kind of man cares about the color of his eyes? I'm beginning to wonder if he prefers men.

TheDawgDude said...

Does he really? That's hilarious.

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