Dec 3, 2011

The Leap, Leach, and Fat Little Girlfriends

Just a few notes today. Here is another look at "The Leap" by Kasen Williams in the Apple Cup with some reactions from Sark, Price, and KW himself:

Obviously this is old news, but former Texas Tech coach and current pirate, Mike Leach, was hired to be the new head coach at Wazzu. While this is a great move for the Cougs, it's even better for me as Leach is known to say some crazy shit and should inject some much needed entertainment into the UW/WSU rivalry.  This Leach video is my personal favorite:

I agree: fat, yet little, girlfriends are constantly screwing things up. Rumor has it that the FLGFs had a major role in the basketball Dawgs coughing up a ten-point 2nd half lead last night against Nevada. UW was up five with 20 seconds remaining in regulation, but a slew of mistakes allowed the Wolf Pack to take the game into overtime where they subsequently won and I subsequently threw up in my mouth. Romar should consider enforcing a strict "no fat little girlfriends policy" before the team heads to NYC to take on bball heavyweights Marquette and Duke.

"I'm not going to say this again: fat girlfriends are fine, little girlfriends are fine, but if I see any of you with fat little girlfriends, you're off the fucking team!"

Good call, Romar. A team needs rules.

Go Dawgs!

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