Oct 31, 2011

Kish of Death

In a particularly wild and strange game, UW took care of business against Arizona and became bowl eligible for the second year in a row.  The night belonged to the Incredible Polk who racked up an absurd five touchdowns and became the first Husky ever to gain both 100 rushing and receiving yards in a single game.  The offensive line did a nice job creating running lanes, but Polk also showed off his trademark ferocity in busting tackles and gaining plenty of yards after contact.

The "IE" stands for Inevitable Emasculator. Just ask Zona's front 7.

Polk also picked up his 18th 100-yard rushing performance, which broke Napoleon Kaufman's Husky record.  I would be ecstatic if CP returned for his senior year, but I would put the odds at about 10% at this point, so we should really enjoy what will most likely be the Polk Farewell Tour over the final five games.  If #1 can average 106 yards over this final stretch, he will break Kaufman's career rushing record of 4,106 yards, and in only three years.  That would also give Polk the #2 and #3 best rushing seasons by a Husky and make a strong argument that he is the best running back in Husky history.

No pressure, Chris, but you'd become the undisputed top RB if you came back next year... just sayin'.  Here are Polk's bruising runs along with all the other highlights from the Arizona game courtesy of the Lord of the Husky Highlight, QBsacker:

While extremely frustrating, the controversial Michael Hartvigson "incompletion" served as the turning point of the game.  The crowd became much more vocal and hit a fever pitch when a delay of game flag was mistakenly thrown while the play was being challenged.  Generally, you don't want a lot of crowd noise on offense, but in this case it seemed to spur on the team.  Keith Price did well to keep his composure in hitting James Johnson for 16 yards on the ensuing 3rd and 9, and two plays later the Huskies were in the endzone.

To be fair, UW seemed to get a make up call later in the quarter when Devin Aguilar threw a 33-yard pass to Polk that looked to have been wrestled away by Arizona.  Obviously as Husky fans, we focus on the calls that go against us, but this was a major dodged bullet as the Wildcats would have gotten the ball back with a 13-7 lead.

Kasen shows off his patented move: the Little Brother Face Smoosh.

The louder than usual crowd seemed to help raise the defense's level of play.  While far from dominant (388 passing yards allowed), the Husky D fared much better this week in holding the Wildcats to 50 yards below their yardage average and forcing four turnovers.  Arizona was only 3/11 on 3rd downs and had a measly 1.9 yards per carry.  And the UW offense didn't help out the defense with three turnovers of their own (including the pick for a TD), so allowing only 24 points to a talented offensive team should be applauded.  So no tar and feathering of Nick Holt this week.

UW is now 6-2 and preparing for a major statement game against Oregon on Saturday.  After the disappointment of the Stanford game, this is a second chance for Washington to step up against the top teams in the conference.  But unlike the Stanford game, there is a little bit of... oh, what's that word... oh yea, hatred between these two fanbases.  So for UW to make their statement game against these clowns would make it that much sweeter.

Oh, and the results are in for the KING 5/Evening Magazine Sports Blog of the Year... TheDawgDude.com did not win, but this is of no importance because the "Not Last Place" campaign was a roaring success!  In fact, the site came in 6th out of 29 entries, which is 23rd to last if you're scoring at home.  So a hearty thank you to everyone who voted and helped my realize my dreams of not getting last place.  I really do appreciate it as that would have been embarrassing.

Have a good Oregon week and Go Dawgs!

Game photos by Elaine Thompson/AP Photo.
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Jeff said...

Nice win, but it rang a little hollow without Stoops on the sideline shitting his pants.

Since it is duckweek, I will begin by calling every oregon fan between the ages of 12 and 75 a doucheclown. Douche. Clown.

TheDawgDude said...

I support "doucheclown" as the nom de riguer for oregon fans this year. And that 76 and up crowd can get mighty obnoxious, so don't be afraid to toss a few their way.

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