Oct 31, 2011

Kish of Death

In a particularly wild and strange game, UW took care of business against Arizona and became bowl eligible for the second year in a row.  The night belonged to the Incredible Polk who racked up an absurd five touchdowns and became the first Husky ever to gain both 100 rushing and receiving yards in a single game.  The offensive line did a nice job creating running lanes, but Polk also showed off his trademark ferocity in busting tackles and gaining plenty of yards after contact.

The "IE" stands for Inevitable Emasculator. Just ask Zona's front 7.

Polk also picked up his 18th 100-yard rushing performance, which broke Napoleon Kaufman's Husky record.  I would be ecstatic if CP returned for his senior year, but I would put the odds at about 10% at this point, so we should really enjoy what will most likely be the Polk Farewell Tour over the final five games.  If #1 can average 106 yards over this final stretch, he will break Kaufman's career rushing record of 4,106 yards, and in only three years.  That would also give Polk the #2 and #3 best rushing seasons by a Husky and make a strong argument that he is the best running back in Husky history.

No pressure, Chris, but you'd become the undisputed top RB if you came back next year... just sayin'.  Here are Polk's bruising runs along with all the other highlights from the Arizona game courtesy of the Lord of the Husky Highlight, QBsacker:

While extremely frustrating, the controversial Michael Hartvigson "incompletion" served as the turning point of the game.  The crowd became much more vocal and hit a fever pitch when a delay of game flag was mistakenly thrown while the play was being challenged.  Generally, you don't want a lot of crowd noise on offense, but in this case it seemed to spur on the team.  Keith Price did well to keep his composure in hitting James Johnson for 16 yards on the ensuing 3rd and 9, and two plays later the Huskies were in the endzone.

To be fair, UW seemed to get a make up call later in the quarter when Devin Aguilar threw a 33-yard pass to Polk that looked to have been wrestled away by Arizona.  Obviously as Husky fans, we focus on the calls that go against us, but this was a major dodged bullet as the Wildcats would have gotten the ball back with a 13-7 lead.

Kasen shows off his patented move: the Little Brother Face Smoosh.

The louder than usual crowd seemed to help raise the defense's level of play.  While far from dominant (388 passing yards allowed), the Husky D fared much better this week in holding the Wildcats to 50 yards below their yardage average and forcing four turnovers.  Arizona was only 3/11 on 3rd downs and had a measly 1.9 yards per carry.  And the UW offense didn't help out the defense with three turnovers of their own (including the pick for a TD), so allowing only 24 points to a talented offensive team should be applauded.  So no tar and feathering of Nick Holt this week.

UW is now 6-2 and preparing for a major statement game against Oregon on Saturday.  After the disappointment of the Stanford game, this is a second chance for Washington to step up against the top teams in the conference.  But unlike the Stanford game, there is a little bit of... oh, what's that word... oh yea, hatred between these two fanbases.  So for UW to make their statement game against these clowns would make it that much sweeter.

Oh, and the results are in for the KING 5/Evening Magazine Sports Blog of the Year... TheDawgDude.com did not win, but this is of no importance because the "Not Last Place" campaign was a roaring success!  In fact, the site came in 6th out of 29 entries, which is 23rd to last if you're scoring at home.  So a hearty thank you to everyone who voted and helped my realize my dreams of not getting last place.  I really do appreciate it as that would have been embarrassing.

Have a good Oregon week and Go Dawgs!

Game photos by Elaine Thompson/AP Photo.
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Oct 28, 2011

Get to Know a D'Bag: Arizona

The Dawgs take on the Wildcats of Arizona tomorrow with an eye on rebounding from the savage turd-slapping Stanford put on them last weekend.  On the other side of the coin, U of A looks to keep the momentum going after demolishing the Bruins last Thursday by the score of 48-12.  However, that victory came at a price; two Wildcat defensive backs will be suspended for this game (Shaquille Richardson and Jourdon Grandon) and two more for a half (Lyle Brown and Mark Watley) after a brawl arguably caused by an Arizona fan running onto the field in a referee outfit:

Not only was it fun to watch, but this idiot will help UW further destroy an already suspect Arizona secondary.  I thought the whole thing was hilarious, but boy, does he sound like a dummy when trying to explain it.

But even if with a depleted defense via moron, Arizona is a much more dangerous team than their 2-5 record suggests.  The Wildcats went through a brutal stretch of losses to current #3 Oklahoma St, #4 Stanford (I've heard they can beat teams...), #7 ducks, and #20 USC.  While 'Zona did get blown out in all of these games but USC, that is a mighty tough four-game stretch for any team in the country.  And ultimately, it cost Mike Stoops his job, though a lot of reports are surfacing now that there could have been some sexual harassment issues that played a role as well.  Our man on the inside cited some "unwanted physical contact" and provided this video:

Just like the bases, Stoops makes sure to touch them all.

It appears that removing that roving, ass-slapping maniac from the sideline has made Arizona a much more comfortable and better football team.  Potential 1st-round quarterback Nick Foles was at his best against UCLA, throwing for 291 yards and three touchdowns (all three to stud receiver Juron Criner).  The Huskies have had major problems defending Arizona's spread offense in the past and with the current state of the defense, it's hard to feel confident that the Wildcats won't light up the scoreboard again.

Nick Foles: Dirk Nowitzki and Tom Petty's love-child?

This will almost assuredly be a shootout.  Price and Polk will be able to move the chains and put up points against this Wildcat defense, and they'll definitely have to for UW to win.  I'm definitely nervous about Foles getting in a groove - this is a guy who has thrown for over 350 yards eleven times in his career (and in 5 out of 7 games this year).  His accuracy combined with this lackluster Husky defense is scarier than Naomi Campbell with a baseball bat.

Hide! Bitch is crazy!

This is a huge game for the Dawgs and far from a gimme - the current betting line favors UW by only 3 to 4 points.  A win against Arizona guarantees a bowl game and creates some momentum before the rough stretch of Oregon and USC coming up.  Overall, I think the Husky offense is up for this barn-burning challenge and the defense does just enough for the Dawgs to pull out a 37-34 victory.

Have a Happy Halloween (I may go as that bat-wielding psycho...) and Go Dawgs!

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Oct 24, 2011

So... what's up with the defense?

65 points. 615 total yards. 446 rushing yards. There is ugly, and then there is UGLY. This game certainly fits in the "I kept cutting my face and now I look like a catwoman who stored her head in a hornets nest for the last 8 months" category. Great shine on that hair though - I bet she uses Paul Mitchell when she's not injecting her face with baby ass-fat. But back to the defense.

"Wait, I'm suppose to tackle him? Ah, shit."

The Husky defense had no answer for Stanford's power running game. The front four was thrown around all day allowing the Cardinal offensive line to regularly get to the second level and take on linebackers. The result was a 10.1 rushing yard average on 44 carries, the 2nd worst yard per carry average ever allowed by UW.

Even as Stanford broke off huge chunks of rushing yards, Andrew Luck's throwing abilities kept Washington from overloading the box to try to stop the run. And when UW did bring up eight defenders to contain the rush, Luck either made the correct reads or Stanford just rammed the ball down UW's throat anyway. The much vaunted Cardinal tight end trio spent the game paving lanes for running backs and weren't even needed in the passing game (they finished with 3 receptions for 30 yards).

Des Trufant says, "Always keep two hands on the facemask."

It's painfully clear that this defense cannot contain a good offense. Running or passing, it really doesn't matter. Any decent offense can move the ball and put up points on Washington. Why is it that the defense hasn't improve much over the last few years, especially compared to the offense?

In my mind, defensive play is a combination of raw talent, player development, and defensive schemes. In an effort to figure out why UW is so far behind a team like Stanford defensively, let's take a look at these three areas.

Obviously, recruiting rankings are an inexact science, but they can give a general assessment of the talent that enters a program. Here are the rankings of the recruits that ended up playing defense at UW according to Scout:

Willingham's recruits
2007: 1 four-star, 4 three-stars, 4 two-stars: 24 stars (2.67 avg)
2008: 3 four-stars, 4 three-stars, 2 two-stars: 28 stars (3.11 avg)

Sark's recruits
2009: 0 four-stars, 4 three-stars, 5 two-stars: 22 stars (2.44 avg)
2010: 3 four-stars, 10 three-stars, 0 two-stars: 42 stars (3.23 avg)
2011: 2 four-stars,  9 three-stars, 1 two-star: 37 stars (3.08 avg)

Overall: 153 stars (2.94 avg)

And here is a look at Stanford's defensive recruits:

Jim Harbaugh's recruits:
2007: 1 four-star, 2 three-stars, 3 two-stars: 16 stars (2.67 avg)
2008: 1 four-stars, 6 three-stars, 3 two-stars: 28 stars (2.8 avg)
2009: 1 five-star, 2 four-stars, 4 three-stars, 2 two-stars: 29 stars (3.22 avg)
2010: 2 four-stars, 8 three-stars, 1 two-star: 34 stars (3.09 avg)

David Shaw's recruits:
2011: 2 four-stars,  7 three-stars, 0 two-stars: 29 stars (3.22 avg)

Overall: 136 stars (3.16 avg)

Stanford has the edge in average star ranking while UW has more overall stars, but generally the numbers are quite close. It's interesting that UW holds a bit of an advantage in 2008 which equates to the true seniors and redshirt juniors playing this year. From a recruiting standpoint, you would expect that these highly-rated upperclassmen would produce a better defensive effort than what we have seen. However, this expectation should be tempered by the 2009 recruiting class (true juniors/redshirt sophomores) that Sark was forced to hurriedly throw together and is significantly less talented than Stanford's 2009 class. Ultimately, it doesn't appear that recruit talent on defense is enough to explain the current gap between Washington and Stanford.

Player development can be tricky to measure. One way to examine it is to compare the perceived talent level of a recruit to their talent level at the end of their college career. For example, linebackers Donald Butler and Mason Foster were both two-star recruits, but were drafted in the 3rd round of the NFL draft. The argument could be made that these two players were very well developed at UW, or that recruiting services simply whiffed on evaluating their initial talent level.

From the perspective of defensive players drafted to the NFL over the last few years, UW has the edge over Stanford with three 3rd round picks (the aforementioned 2-stars and Daniel Te'o-Neshiem, a 3-star recruit) compared to Stanford's 3rd (Sione Fua, 4-star), 4th (Owen Marecic, 2-star who was a linebacker/fullback in college, but purely a fullback in the NFL), and 5th round picks (Richard Sherman, 3-star). And of the two teams this year, UW's Alameda Ta'amu is projected to be the highest drafted defensive player. In fact, Stanford's best defensive NFL prospects (LB Shayne Skov and SS Delano Howell) didn't even play against the Huskies on Saturday.

But just looking at the development of the top tier talent doesn't account for the overall development of the defense. For example, UW did a great job developing linebackers Butler, Foster, and Cort Dennison (though at this point he lacks the same NFL potential), but have true and redshirt freshman playing two out of the three linebacker positions this year. What happened to the development of guys like 3-star recruits Tim Tucker and Victor Burnett? Tucker is in his 3rd year in the program and has been barely mentioned as an option at linebacker. Burnett was in a similar boat before being dismissed by the team in August.

Nick Holt seems to think that the defensive struggles are a combination of talent and development. After the Stanford game, Holt said "...we are not there yet physically in our program with our guys with just staying toe-to-toe consistently."

I'm not going to pretend like I know how to design a brilliant defensive scheme, but it was disheartening watching UW make very few adjustments while the Cardinal dry-humped the defense up and down the field for points on 10 of their 11 drives. At a certain point, some attempt to disguise coverages or some exotic blitzes would have been nice to see simply to break the monotony.

Holt has mentioned repeatedly that the defensive schemes have been simplified so players don't have to think too much on the field. Fair enough, but whose fault is it that these players aren't developed enough to handle more complicated assignments? And I understand Holt's belief that UW can't physically go toe-to-toe with Stanford right now, but shouldn't they be able to physically outperform teams like Eastern Washington and Hawaii?

Yes, the talent level on defense could certainly be higher. But a defensive coordinator should be able to work with what he has and not pine away for USC's talent level in the mid-2000s. Guess what? Most coordinators would do awfully well with talent like that.

So is Nick Holt the right defensive coordinator for the job?

It's hard to argue that we have seen a great improvement since he took over as the leader of the defense, especially when compared to the job Sark has done with the offense. I am a believer in the importance of continuity and feel that Sark's decision to retain his entire staff for three consecutive years has been crucial in rebuilding this program. But it is Year 3 now and much more should be expected from the defense.

I don't see any benefit in firing Holt now, but without very significant improvement over the remainder of the year, particularly against the better teams on the schedule, I believe it's time to bring in someone else.

But all is clearly not lost, this is a 5-2 team that has exceeded expectations and has a great shot at 8-9 wins. The offense certainly has the potential to become elite, now we just have to work on that defense...

Go Dawgs!
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Oct 21, 2011

Get to Know a D'Bag: Stanford

The Dawgs march down to Stanford (fun fact: "Palo Alto" translates to "proficient in C++" in Spanish) on Saturday to take on an undefeated Cardinal squad that has been simply dominate through the first six games of the season.  The Andrew Luck-led BruiserNerds are just murdering fools out there to the tune of 46-11 every game.  Yikes.  The one saving grace is that the best team Stanford has faced so far is either a 2-5 Arizona team who just won their first FBS game in a year or, god this feels weird to say, Wazzu.  So clearly UW will be their stiffest test so far.

Just make sure to X-ray his cleats before the game.

What more can you really say about Andrew Luck?  He's the surefire #1 pick in the NFL draft and the best quarterback Washington has played in a long time.  It doesn't really seem fair: he's a big, powerful dude (6'4 240) who could beat your ass, blueprint the mausoleum for you to be buried in (3.5 GPA in architectural design), and ensure that it was done tastefully as he's just that considerate of a guy.  Luckily he grew his only weakness on his face, so I took full advantage of it.

Hey Andrew, 15,000 BC called and they want their look back.

For the record, I thought the beard was great: "Oh, I'm going to be the most famous player in college football this year? Well, I guess I'll look like a roadie for ZZ Top."  Sadly, Luck shaved the beard a few weeks ago and has left me with absolutely nothing to make fun of him about.  Thanks a lot, dick.

You know it's a huge game when Stanford sells out its stadium.  Yes, I realize that the stadium only seats 112 people and tickets were on sale for $0.47, but still, it's a sellout.  And it should be: Stanford is ranked #7 in the country and Washington is #22 (I will always use the poll that ranks UW highest, thank you) and both teams feature entertaining, high-scoring offenses (unfortunately, Stanford also has a very impressive defense).

Who's ready for some football?! Oh... no one, evidently.

A big key to the game will be how UW handles Stanford's trio of mammoth tight ends: 6'6 Coby Fleener, 6'8 Levine Toilolo, and 6'6 Zach Ertz.  "Trees' Company" has combined for 44 receptions and 12 touchdowns this year and could end up being one of the most productive tight end corps in the history of college football.  Oh, and Fleener came up with that sweet ass "Trees' Company" nickname which makes it burn that much more.  While the defense has come a long way since the Eastern Washington game, UW had a ton of problems defending the Eagles' tall receivers.  Hopefully that experience will allow Nick Holt and Co. to come up with a better strategy for limiting Stanford's far superior receiving talent.


Ultimately, UW will have to catch a number of breaks to beat Stanford on the road.  I do think the UW offense will be able to make plays and I expect the Huskies to score more points on the Cardinal than any team has all year (which is only 19 by UCLA).  Stanford's defense is missing two key starters, LB Shayne Skov and SS Delano Howell, and shouldn't look as dominant against UW's versatile offensive attack.

However, stopping Stanford's offense remains a real headscratcher.  While I think Meda and the boys will step up to the challenge of limiting the Cardinal power-run game, I just don't see how the Husky linebackers and secondary can harass Luck into making enough bad decisions necessary for UW to pull out the win.  Those three tight ends are a match up nightmare for the Huskies.  For UW to win, I think they need to be +3 in turnover margin and get some very big plays out of their special teams (blocked punt, touchdown return, etc.).  It's possible, but it's a lot to ask.  I certainly hope the Dawgs prove me wrong, but in trying to be as objective as possible (which is difficult), I'm going with Stanford 41, Washington 31.

Then again, maybe Andrew Luck gets a horribly infected rash from his recent beard-shave and can't play.  That would be a game-changer.  So let's all hope his Achilles' Heel is failing to store his razors hygienically.

Go Dawgs!
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Oct 16, 2011

Buffalo Slaughter

UW put on an offensive clinic in their first half massacre of Colorado, taking a 38-10 lead into halftime.  The Dawgs scored touchdowns on their first five possessions and were marching towards a sixth when they were finally slowed down by CU's best defender of the first 30 minutes (the clock) and had to settle for a field goal.

"Put it on the goddamn board!"

Even after taking their foot off the gas in the second half, the Huskies piled up 52 points - the most since a 53-3 crushing of Idaho in '01 and the most against a Pac-12 opponent since dropping a 58-burger on Arizona in '97.  Sark treated the Buffalo defense like a red-headed stepchild, he simply did whatever he wanted.  Punishing run game, play-action, tight end in the flat, flicking lit cigarettes, it didn't matter, it all worked.

"Yes, bask in my greatness, Husky Stadium."

Keith Price was outstanding yet again with four touchdown passes, 75% accuracy, and 257 yards.  These performances are becoming the norm for KP who is 2nd in all of college football with 21 TD passes and 5th in passing efficiency.  Price didn't even need to limp his way to success in this one as his various knee and ankle injuries are healing up and the offensive line kept the Colorado pass rush at bay.  Relive the glory with another great highlight video by QBsacker:

Sark even removed Price late in the third quarter to ensure his star quarterback's health.  On one hand, it was relieving to see KP on the bench with UW up 28 (Sark didn't remove him in a similar situation against Utah, which was a bit scary), but watching the sack/fumble on Nick Montana's first play as a Husky was one of the very few lowlights of the game.  But, as Sark said, "Welcome to college football, Nick." It was good to see Montana bounce back and make some throws later in the game though.

Keith Price: "Sack fumble? I probably would have just gone with a TD throw. Seems to be more effective."

Outside of Colorado's initial 70-yard scoring drive, the Husky defense continued their improved play from the Utah game.  Knocking out CU running back Rodney Stewart certainly helped, but the Dawgs limited the Buffaloes to just 199 yards the rest of the way and sacked their quarterbacks five times.  Obviously giving up 24 points to an injury-plagued, and simply bad Colorado team isn't ideal, but the emergence of a stout run defense and some semblance of a pass rush bodes well for later in the season.

 "Nom nom nom."

While I would have liked to have seen how many touchdowns Price could have thrown if Sark kept up his aggressive play-calling, it was good to get some young guys playing time to build depth down the line.  Running backs Jesse Callier and Bishop Sankey both had impressive runs and scored the first touchdowns of their respective careers (all seven UW TDs were scored by different players, which has to be some sort of Husky record).

"Thank you, Sark, for not using the biggest cucumber in the fridge."

UW is now 5-1 and ranked #22 in the AP poll which sets up a monster game next week against #7 Stanford (#5 in the Coaches poll).  The Tree was sloppy in the first half against Wazzu (ahead by just 3), but Andrew Luck and Co. put it on the Cougs in the 2nd half en route to a 44-14 blowout.  Next Saturday will be an extremely tough test with UW penciled in as a heavy underdog (Stanford is a 20.5 point favorite).  If the offense can put on another show like this though, anything could happen.

But for now let's celebrate this blowout win over a Pac-12 opponent and having the best record after six games in ten years!  Go Dawgs!

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Oct 12, 2011

Get to Know a D'Bag: Colorado Buffs

Fresh off a relaxing bye week (I spent mine in a claw-toothed tub next to my lady in a second claw-toothed tub... terrible for sex, but great for pruney skin), the Dawgs welcome a beat up, 1-5 Colorado team to Husky Stadium.  The inaugural Pac-12 season has been a rough one for the Buffaloes - they were manhandled at Stanford 48-7 last week and could very well fall to 1-9 before having a chance to beat a similarly beleaguered team in Arizona.

I almost feel bad... oh wait, no I don't.  These are the same gold and black thieves that stole a couple of recruits from under us last offseason.  CU snatched a pair of highly-ranked linemen (Paulay Asiata and Stephane Nembot) from the Dawgs just before signing day in February, so I hope UW absolutely extincts the Buffaloes on Saturday to clearly illustrate to these young men what an atrociously terrible life choice they made.  Yeah, I'm still bitter, but whatevs.

Putting aside the recruiting rivalry for a second, these schools have a lot in common: both are historically Top 25 teams, both are fighting to return to their former glory, and both were systematically raw-dogged by Rick Neuheisel.

"I would apologize, but I'm busy ruining another program."

Thanks again, Rick!  Both universities then went on to hire horrible coaches in the 2000s.  And while former CU coach Dan Hawkins was no Ty Willingham (nobody is, except maybe this), his greatest accomplishment at Colorado was that he had one of those heads you'd pay money to kick:

"Forty bucks and you can take a running start."

The Buffaloes have now upgraded to head coach Jon Embree, a guy whose face you'd pay money to slap:

"Could I trouble you to powder your hand first? Thanks."

But the Buffs are more than a terrible football team, they have a Chip mascot that is much better looking than the Chip mascot down at Oregon who looks like an angry dwarf that got slapped in the nuts one too many times:

Don't worry, Chip, you can go back to harassing Snow White as soon as the sanctions come down.

Colorado can also brag about having actor Jonah Hill attend the university (for a semester).  Has anyone else noticed that his weight loss has turned him into a fat McLovin?  Like, I'm proud of you, but could you have lost weight less creepily?  My kid is still hiding under the bed.

While this game is a little scary as Colorado has nothing to lose, I expect the Dawgs to move to 5-1 pretty comfortably.  The Buffs made the ingenious decision to play 13 games in 13 weeks in their first season in the Pac-12 and are clearly paying the physical toll.  Their top playmaker, sophomore Paul Richardson, will miss Saturday's game and their defense is giving up over 33 points per contest.  It's hard to imagine the Huskies not being able to score more than 30 points for the sixth game in a row (which would be a new school record).

The Dawgs should put plenty of points on the board in this one and hopefully the defense continues to build on the momentum from their dominating performance against Utah.  The Dawgs should also win the special teams battle as Colorado has had kicks blocked in each of their last two games, causing the chants of "Bring Back Katie!" to grow louder and louder.  All in all, I expect the Buffs to score some garbage time points, but UW winning it easily, 38-27.

If the photographer waits another second, we all get tickets to the Nippocalpyse. Shame on you, sir.

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Go Dawgs!
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Oct 3, 2011

Movin' on Up!

UW is 4-1 and on the cusp of being ranked after a "lucky in the first half, good in the second" win over Utah on Saturday.  Outside of Jamaal Kearse's fumble return for a touchdown on the opening kickoff (and that unblocked Shirley sack on Utah's first offensive play), the first half was ugly.

A 7-0 lead after 9 seconds...not a bad way to start a game.

UW kept the Ute running game bottled up, but QB Jordan Wynn was still able to pick apart the secondary.  The defense pushed the "bend but don't break" defensive philosophy to the absolute brink by forcing two turnovers within their own 5-yard line.  UW's passing game had major issues with Utah's man-to-man defense and was extremely fortunate to hold a 10-7 lead at halftime.

The second half was a completely different chimichanga.  Both the offensive and defensive lines were more physical - Chris Polk was able to find running lanes, break tackles, and drag defenders for extra yards on seemingly every play.  Even on a day when he wasn't his best, Keith Price added three more touchdown passes (he now has tied Locker's total of 17 last year through 5 games...redonkulous).

Hey Utes, there's a new chief in town.

While an injury to Wynn was a huge blow to the Utah offense, the UW secondary upped their play in the second half and the D-line continued to shut down the running game.  Once KP figured out how to beat the man-to-man coverage, the Husky lead swelled up faster than Mac on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The defensive performance was truly impressive.  When UW scored to take a 31-7 lead with 9 minutes remaining, Utah had only 194 total yards.  The Utes finished the game with 23 rushing yards on 17 carries (0.7 yard per carry) after averaging over 170 in their first three games.  Nick Holt and the defense deserve major kudos for winning this game for the Dawgs.

UW's depth played a huge role in this game as the Utah lines clearly broke down in the second half.  It was a bit unexpected to watch the team that practices at high altitude get dominated in the conditioning aspect of the game.  It's becoming apparent that Utah will have more less success in the Pac-12 when it takes on deeper teams week in and week out.

I do have to mention that it was a bit concerning watching Keith Price hobble around the field in garbage time with UW up 24 points.  Sark's rationale was that he wanted the offense to put together a good drive at the end of the game as that has been an issue this season, but frankly, that desire is not worth the risk of further damage to KP's knees in that situation.  It pains me to bring this up, but we've been through a similar situation in '06 when the Huskies started out hot at 4-2 (with a 6-point loss at USC) led by Isaiah Stanback.  The next game, Stanback break his ankle and the season went down the crapshoot with 6 straight losses.  The good news is Price can rest his knees over the next 12 days and hopefully will be the healthiest he has been all year against Colorado.

So far the Huskies are exceeding expectations with a 4-1 record and if the defense continues to improve, this could be the best season in over a decade.

Go Dawgs!

Game photos by AP Photo/Jim Urquhart.
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