Sep 24, 2011

No Redemption for You!

Cal desperately wanted to atone for last year's home loss to UW that kept them out of a bowl game.  Well, tough nuggets, princess, the Dawgs won again.  It was a spirited, hard-fought contest that showcased how much of a stud Keith Price has become (76% completion rate, 292 yards, 3 TDs, no Ints - just awesome).

 "Call me a surgeon from the way I'm cuttin' bitches."

And the Husky defense responded to week-long criticism by playing their best game of the year.  Obviously, it was far from perfect: the 90-yard touchdown bomb on 3rd and 20 to open the game had me threatening harakiri to my terrified family (full disclosure: I have no family).  But ultimately, UW allowed 367 yards and 16 points in the final 55 minutes of the game - including holding Cal to just a field goal in the 2nd half.

Yes, Bear QB Zach Maynard's accuracy problems definitely bailed out the defense, but increased pressure was a factor in rushing some of those throws.  The defense needs to be recognized for limiting the Bears to 23 points and preserving the win on Cal's final drive even with a 1st and Goal on the 2-yard line.  Oh snap, poll time!  Yes, you are correct - that is top shelf wordplay.  Thank you for noticing.

For the record: 61.3% of voters on the site said last week that they wanted Holt to be coaching the defense next year.

Cal's stout front four made running yards hard to come by for Chris Polk (60 yards on 20 carries).  So what does he do?  Just goes out on a little swing pattern for a 70-yard catch & run touchdown that ultimately won the game (assuming Cal would have kicked a field goal while down one on their final drive).  Polk finished the day with 145 total yards and a pretty entertaining interview (good part starts at 2:20):

An inside source says Polk sweat smells like Mack Truck exhaust and swagger.

The Dawgs are now 3-1 for the first time in five years and are 7-1 (4-0 in the Pac-12) in their last 8 games.  I know we're always scared to say it, but those are some "turning the corner" numbers right there.  The defense still needs significant improvement - some of the secondary play was excruciating, but this team has the talent and drive to win 8-9 games this year.

Oh, and how about Austin Seferian-Jenkins ripping off a couple of touchdowns?  Power on the first and speed on the second.  He's just gotta learn when to go down when he's vulnerable for a strip.  He also needs a good nickname.  I like "All Day ASJ", but I'm not married to it.  Let me know if you have one.

"ASJizzle"?  No, that's not gonna work.

Playing Utah on the road will not be an easy task, but you never know with this offense's ability to drop a forty burger on any given Saturday.  Hopefully the defense continues to improve and the Dawgs pull off the upset.  Regardless, I get to write about polygamy in the "D'Bag: Utah" this week so it's all good.

Here are some highlights from the game:

I want to thank everybody who comes to the site, "Likes" posts, leaves comments, interacts on Facebook/Twitter, buys gear, and lets me touch them where they pee at.  You are all superstars.

Go Dawgs!

Game photos by AP Photo/Elaine Thompson.
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Turd Furgeson said...

Is your "source" that ass faced chick in the background? Good gawd... she made my post game boner fail and droop like her boobies undoubtedly do.

Turd Furgeson said...

What does that hoor say at the 2:12 mark anyway?... was it a "deep threat" reference?

Anonymous said...

Great article. Hey, you would be doing my crew a solid if you could get to the bottom of soaking/floating in this weeks dbag edition. There is also some confusion on whether or not Utes are mormon, jack mormon, normal, or just straight up dbags. Thanks Dawg.

lurker said...

That's Awesome Seferian-Jenkins to you!

TheDawgDude said...

@Turd: Brutal!

@Anon: I've heard of this phenomenon - I'll see what I can dig up.

@lurker: Haha, not bad.

Sarkisianity said...

No offense to the highlight video you posted, but qbsacker5394 is the man:

Sarkisianity said...

Oh, and this isn't really a nickname so much as a scientific fact, ASJ actually stands for Ass Stomping Juggernaut

TheDawgDude said...

@Sarkisianity: Got a hold of ASJ's birth certificate and it turns out you are correct. So ASJ's nickname is "Austin Seferian-Jenkins"

Army of Dawgs said...

I heard when ASJ was born Jesus came down and pulled him out with his own hands because he didnt trust anyone else to hold him.

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