Sep 8, 2011

Get to Know a D'Bag: Hawaii

This "Get to Know a D'Bag" is a little tough because I've always had a soft spot for the Warriors of Hawai'i.  Though I much prefer the pre-2001 days when they were known as the "Rainbow Warriors" and rocked this bad boy on their helmets:


Evidently the university felt that dropping the "Rainbow" made them a tougher-looking squad.  I strongly disagree.  Have you ever seen a Rainbow Warrior in action?  Check it:

Look at that Rainbow Warrior fuck up that cloud.  Even the bunny is scared.  However, I am in favor of replacing the old mascot:

He looks tough...until you see the frontispiece.

The new mascot is one of my favorites in all of college football.  He is Vili the Warrior and he brings the heat week in and week out.  Make sure the kids are out of the room because this video is about to get steamy:

Can the Huskies borrow him at least for a few games?  Clearly the precedent for unexplainable mascots has been set - the Stanford Cardinal have a tree, the Alabama Crimson Tide have an elephant, and the Oregon ducks have a date rapist, so why can't the Huskies have a chubby, yet remarkably limber Hawaiian?

Vili fears nothing.  Except type 2 diabetes.

Anyway, this year's Hawaii team is coming of an impressive 10-4 season and took care of Colorado last week, 34-17.  Stud quarterback Bryant Moniz led the nation in passing in '10, but now appears to be dangerous carrying the ball as well with 121 yards and three touchdowns against the Buffaloes.  Here is a highlight video of Hawaii doing work on CU:

The Husky defense will have to play much better to limit UH's offensive attack while Price and Co. will have their hands full with a Warrior defense that had seven sacks last week.  The opening betting line has UW favored by three (the standard points given to a home team), but has risen to as much as 6.5 in some places.  Either betters are expecting a much better effort from the Dawgs this Saturday or some wild luau-til-dawn is planned for Friday night and the Warriors will be worn out for the game.

Nothing wrong with a post-game orgasm among friends.

Speaking of luaus, I went to one when I was five years old and was totally pumped to watch the kalua pig being dug up from the underground oven, but when it came out looking like this, I refused to eat it and burst into tears.  Luckily I was invited on stage with the hula dancers later in the night so all was well.  Did I say five?  I meant last January.

Anyway, this will be a tough game.  Like everyone else, I expect to see a lot of points on the board.  I'm assuming Sark will be more aggressive in his play-calling and if Keith Price can step up, the Huskies should be able to move the ball.  Ultimately, I see the crowd playing more of a factor in this game and UW taking it, 34-31.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for for Best Sports Blog in the King 5 poll.  I don't want to jinx it, but it looks like we may be successful in avoiding last place, which as you know, is dear to my heart.  I have no problem shamelessly self-promoting for more votes though (VOTE HERE).

Here's to an improved performance by the Huskies and a 2-0 record.  Go Dawgs!
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Turd Furgeson said...

Don't forget that our Husky mascot is now an Oxycotined out racoon.

TheDawgDude said...

Very true. I would definitely take Vili over this guy:

Turd Furgeson said...

Great photo. I could see Dux, Red, and our mascot getting some steaks at the Acropolis and then wolfpacking the streets to get their oxy on for sure.

TheDawgDude said...

Roboduck would hook them up no problem. Probably for a very uncomfortable fee though.

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