Mar 29, 2011

Final Four

A nice Final Four preview by first-time TDD contributor and Santeria-practitioner, Zane from Boring, Oregon:
And so our season ends.

With another sobering (meh) defeat forced upon us like drunken 16-year olds by the powers-that-be, it would be easy to feel pity. It would be easy to feel the sun burning ever colder in these grim days between basketball and spring football. But this, my friends, is no time to rehash our losses. We have before us a historic Final Four - one complete with villains, heroes, underdogs, and repeat violators. Now is the time to pick a new horse and ride it to glory.

The last time the Huskies advanced to the majestic echelon of basketball excellence known as the Final Four, Tippy was the name of our coach rather than the intoxication level of our fans. Back in 1953, our dear Dawgs had to fend off titans like Seattle U and Santa Clara to reach the national semifinals, rather than preseason All-Americans and schools with $70,000,000 athletics budgets.
"All aboard!"

College basketball has changed much in the past 58 years, but UW’s continued absence from the final rounds of sport’s ultimate tournament has been without exception. With that said, let’s review the participants in this year’s battle royale to determine just whom you should put your full-throated support behind:

The University of Connecticut is a familiar foe to UW fans. The Bizarro Huskies defeated Todd “Pinball Wizard” MacCulloch and our brave Dawgs in the 1998 tournament in a finish that ESPN refuses to let us drink out of our memory. Eight years later, UConn’s long-time double agent Mike Jensen assured that his name would forever be a curse word to Washington fans by playing defense so groundbreaking in its stupidity that even the ending to this year’s Butler-Pitt game seems reasonable in comparison. Crushing as these losses may still be, there is reason enough to pity the folks stuck in Storrs – College Basketball is all they have.

Connecticut has only had one professional sports team, the star-crossed Hartford Whalers. This team was pathetic beyond reason. In their eighteen years of NHL play, they only accomplished a winning season three times. After such unrelenting ineptitude, the owners picked up stakes and left for a more lucrative hockey market – North Carolina.

Besides, Jim Calhoun will be dead soon enough.

Then the only things this often forgotten state will have are its high median income, its proximity to cooler states, and memories of Khalid El-Amin.


Virginia Commonwealth is not what one would call a storied institution. Among its more prestigious alumni: 

Patch Adams – Inspired a film which made us all realize just how much coke Robin Williams has done

Tom Robbins – A man that loved VCU so much that he writes about Seattle in each of his books

Cla Meredith – Even his own parents didn’t think he deserved an entire first name


The Rams are coached by Shaka Smart, a man with no apparent sense of geography. After attending Oregon High School in Wisconsin, Smart’s first coaching gig was at California University in Pennsylvania. In between, Smart supposedly turned down offers at Harvard and Yale to attend Kenyon College, apparently thinking he’d be teammates with Kenyon Martin. 

Smart is one of the coaches du jour among those calling for the head of Lorenzo Romar. To those people, I invite you to read the excellent treatise on the matter over at Montlake Madness, and then go drown yourselves in a tub of sewage run-off. Just ask Jenard Jerreau’s opinion on the matter.

"I still got two years eligibility left!"

Butler University was last year’s darling. Already the smallest school to reach the final in the tournament’s current format, they came within a Gordon Hayward’s Peach Fuzz-width of beating Duke. The adoration won’t be nearly as universal this year, as they are actually favored to win their semi-final matchup with the aforementioned VCU Rams. 

The Bulldogs returned to this year’s edition by coasting through the easiest bracket in recorded history, and even then they needed the grace of god to advance. The final few seconds of their victory over Pitt were so absurd and embarrassing that it made Adam Morrison’s breakdown at half court look like the end of A Tale of Two Cities.


While the Bulldogs’ tournament prowess is to be admired, forgive me for being unimpressed by any team that can only manage to go 13-5 in the Horizon League. I’ve seen pick-up teams at the IMA that can beat Youngstown State and UW-Green Bay. Butler is lead by senior forward Matt Howard, a man so grimy that Ave Rats try to avoid his glance. Howard and the rest of the Bulldogs are coached by Brad Stevens, who is totally stoked to get his Learner’s Permit next year.
"I found a pube on my ballsac! Huzzah!"

The “University” of Kentucky Wildcats are a widely reviled program, both within Husky Nation and across the country. As the winningest team in college basketball history with seven titles and fourteen Final Four appearances, each UK loss is met with a national sense of Schadenfreude.

All things considered, Kentucky could not have picked a better face for their program than John Calipari. As the only man to have Final Four appearances vacated with two different schools, Calipari’s complete lack of ethics is ideal for UK’s win-at-all-costs philosophy.
 The cuntiest Cuntbag McCuntington of them all.

Here’s a rundown of the known transgressions to have occurred under PayPal Cal’s watch:

Marcus Camby accepted cash and gifts from an agent while still playing at UMass

DeJuan Wagner traded his commitment to Memphis in exchange for a job for his father

Tyreke Evans traded his commitment to Memphis in exchange for a job for his personal trainer

Derrick Rose had someone else take his SATs, and also got his brother to travel with the Tigers to away games for free

Furthermore, Dan Garcia, a New Jersey sports reporter, was called a “fucking Mexican idiot” by Calipari during Cal’s brief, failed stint in the NBA. Calipari later ‘apologized’, saying “I can understand how the remark could have been misinterpreted.”

To some extent, however, Husky fans should be grateful for his conniving ways. His back-alley dealings prevented us from the embarrassment of signing Enes Kanter, a player whose amateurism proved to be as fleeting as Paul Wulff’s career. The Terrence Jones Debacle should also prove to be a historical footnote, as the prodigal son’s role and importance have sharply decreased from the beginning of the season. 

This year’s Final Four should, if nothing else, provide a sneak preview of next season’s Husky glory. 
Dare to dream, friends.

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Spring Ball is Here!

Price v. Montana begins!

The post-Jake Locker era officially begins when Spring Football starts up today. But the biggest news from Coach Sark's news conference yesterday was that OL Mykenna Ikehara and DL Kalani Aldrich have both retired from football due to chronic knee injuries.

Neither were projected starters, but were in a position to add needed depth and their departures are unfortunate. Aldrich made some nice plays in the Holiday Bowl and Ikehara looked like he could be a good center prospect down the line, but simply couldn't add weight to his 260lb frame.

Another noteworthy is that true freshman Jarret Finau wasn't able to enroll in time for the spring making TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins the only player to make the early move this year. The good news in ASJ could become a staple at the tight end position immediately.

Another major storyline going into the spring is the on-going competition between DL mammoth Meda Ta'amu and OL man-beast James Atoe on which lineman can physically devour more players in practice. Hopefully they feast solely on walk-ons.

It also appears that the Huskies picked up their first commit of the 2012 recruiting class in RB/CB speedster, Tairen Owens. Obviously it's high school ball, but he shows off some pretty instinctive moves in his highlight clip:

Word on the street is OG Colin Porter is benching 500 pounds. It wasn't long ago that no Huskies were even benching 400, so this is another indicator of improvement, and the fact that Porter is just a true sophomore is crazypants.

Here's to getting a little taste of Husky Football in the spring!

Go Dawgs!
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Mar 23, 2011

Bone Thugs in Harmony

Ken Bone is a great coach, but that face haunts children's nightmares.

DeAngelo Casto's marijuana citation on Tuesday marks the third Wazzu basketball player to get hit with weed charges this year. Casto was suspended for Wednesday's 3rd-round NIT game vs. Northwestern on Tuesday, and then cleared to play on Wednesday (hey, the National Invitational Tournament is a big deal on the Palouse...)

Casto joins Klay Thompson and Reggie Moore in having ganja troubles with law. Now 20% of the Wazzu basketball team has been cited with marijuana possession (the other 80% are strictly shroom fans).

The Doobie Brothers - Wazzu Style.

Honestly though, does anyone give anything close to a shit that these guys are blunt-puffing? It's Pullman, they have to do something for fun!

Anyway, I'd mention the score of the Wazzu/Northwestern game, but unfortunately no major news outlet reports on the NIT. I'd spend hours scouring the internet for it, but along with the rest of America, I just don't care.

Go Dawgs!
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Mar 21, 2011

Caroline Blues

Well, it was one hell of an effort, but the Dawgs just came up short in this one. Key mistakes in the last 5 minutes and some pretty obvious home-cookin' by the refs put this game out of reach. The fact that UW nearly beat North Carolina in the tourney in what was essentially a home game for them is very commendable.

Up until the final 5 minutes, the Dawgs played one of their best games of the year. UW was 10/19 from downtown, perfect from the FT line (7/7), and shot 46% overall. They out-rebounded a taller and longer UNC team 38-33. The Tar Heels made up for all this by shooting more than three times as many free throws (23 to 7) and having less than half as many fouls (9 to 20).

But it was the game's final few possessions that resulted in the outcome. The turnover by Ross, followed by his out of control, looping layup attempt were crucial misplays, but other than that, T-Buckets came up huge and single-handedly kept UW on top for stretches of the game.

Ross' shot selection is terrifying, but damned if a lot go in.

VO then failed to convert on an aggressive drive to the rim with 7.4 seconds remaining. I'm not sure how I feel about him taking this shot, plus down one with the shot clock off, it seems like the smarter move was to play for the final shot. With that said, he nearly converted the layup and easily could have been fouled.

Here is what Overton said about the play:
“I missed the layup but I was trying to avoid taking a charge and then it was contested. I wish I could take it back and go straight up. I was trying to make an aggressive move.’’
Then Holiday made a huge mistake in trying to loft the ball over the top of John Henson (7'4 wingspan) which resulted in a turnover with 5.4 seconds remaining.

After two Tar Heel free throws, UNC was up the and the Huskies had to drive the length of the court to get off an open three. But that didn't happen so much. I understand that the Dawgs were convinced UNC was going to foul, but VO's decision to heave the ball from half-court with 3 seconds remaining is a real head-scratcher. When have you seen a player get fouled on a half-court 3-attempt in the final seconds of a game? Does that ever happen?

Luckily the ball went off of UNC and the Huskies had a chance for one last shot with what looked like about 1.2 seconds left. But the refs refused to re-examine when the ball hit the floor and gave the Dawgs only 0.5 seconds to get a shot off. IT got a decent look, but unfortunately it was a two and not the 3-pointer we needed. UNC's Henson inexplicably poked the ball while it was above the rim in an apparent goal-tend, but it wasn't called. Even with a goal-tending call, UW loses by one, but it was still frustrating to see another call go against us in the waning moments of the game.

If you're a masochist like me, here is a video of the game's final 5 minutes:

What made the 1.2 seconds vs. 0.5 seconds argument even more frustrating is the officials refusal to take responsibility for the gaffe after the game. One of the refs, Doug Shows, defended the decision saying that there is a lag time between when a play occurs and when a whistle is blown.

But why should that matter? They use replay often to determine the correct amount of time on the clock. What if a ref didn't blow a whistle at all? Would the game have ended right then? It was a weak excuse from a ref after a blown call.

Regardless, converting a three with 1.2 seconds left is still a very hard thing to do and hitting that shot would have only put the game into overtime where our bigs would have been in foul trouble (4 for Aziz, 3 for MBA and Gant) while UNC had a combined NINE fouls! So UW still would have had a ton of work to do to get the win.

Anyway, enough complaining about reffing. UW had the opportunity to win and came up short, and unfortunately this was basically an away game, so the Dawgs had to be that much better than the Tar Heels. Oh, and here's a quick tidbit: according to Merriam Webster, the definition of a Tar Heel is actually a "sexually-ambiguous, powder-blue pixie" with an example here:

What a lovely pair of Tar Heels!

So we look to next year: MBA, Holiday, and VO all move on and will create some holes in the UW lineup, particularly inside. With Abdul Gaddy returning from injury and stud recruit, Tony Wroten, joining the squad, UW should be set at the point.

The perimeter game is going to be absurd with those two guys, IT (assuming he'll be back), Ross, Suggs, Wilcox, and throw in newcomer Hikeem Stewart for good measure. The real question for the '11-'12 team is in the frontcourt. Hopefully Aziz will continue to develop and provide a bit more of an offensive presence as well as improving his defense, rebounding, and propensity to randomly push dudes over from behind.

A real opportunity will pop up for Darnell Gant to take on a MBA-like role in the middle. Gant isn't known for his back-to-the-basket skills, but he did show off a few nice moves this year and greatly improved his rebounding in the last 6 or so games.

6'10 Jernard Jerreau will also be joining the team next year, but at 200 pounds, he currently has the body type of Amy Winehouse and won't be able to bang inside. The call is still out for another big man in this class as well. 6'9 power forward, Kevin Davis, could be that guy, but grades and a somewhat disappointing season at Tacoma CC might keep him from being a Husky. I'm still holding out hope for this guy myself.

God's Gift?! That's like winning the Pun Lottery for me. Plus he's a 6'9 PF who averaged 22 points, 12 boards, and 2.2 blocks as a sophomore JUCO.

We'll see how the roster shapes up for next year, but all in all, the future is very bright in Romarville. Plus there are only 165 days 'til football season! In less depressing news, spring ball starts up in a week, so at least we'll have football to talk about to help us get over this loss.

As always, Go Dawgs!
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Mar 19, 2011

Raw (Bull)dogged!

According to CBS, that's a two-hand flush by Darnell "Grant"

It sure wasn't pretty, but all that matters is the Dawgs are moving on to play North Carolina in the Tar Heels' own backyard (Charlotte) for a spot in the Sweet 16. This was definitely one of UW's ugliest wins of the season in shooting 22% on three-pointers and getting out-rebounding 32-26.

 "Smell my finger, bitches!"

But fortunately, IT came up big again with 19 points, 7 assists, 2 steals, and 7/7 from the free throw line. Scott Suggs also had a nice game in coming off the bench for 10 points on 4/7 shooting (including 2 of UW's 4 three-pointers). 

For how much shit Aziz has taken in various message boards lately, the dude did have a solid game with 6 points (on 3/3 shooting), 5 boards, and just one turnover. So this is my message to the Aziz haters: clearly he doesn't have a polished offensive game, but he's a big asset to the team, you mucking forons.


By the way, great work on the "How many points does IT need to score to beat Georgia?" poll. 60% said 15-20 points and IT dropped 19 in the win. Just to be clear, if you guessed outside of that 15-20 range, you're dead to me.

I do have to mention that Georgia big man Jeremy Price is listed as 6'8 270. 270 what, kilos? I estimate that Price's badonkadonk alone weighs more than 1.5 Venoy Overtons. That dude is enormous - he made the Senegalese Slayer (Aziz) look like a Somali. I wish I had a photo of the ass in question, but unfortunately it doesn't fit in even the widest of lenses.

It was concerning that UGA's big men found so much success inside. Price and Trey Thompkins (who looked better in this game than Derek Williams looked against us all year) combined for 37 points and 16 boards.

T-Thomp did work in the paint.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm very nervous about North Carolina's frontcourt. While it was only against Long Island, look at the stats from their big fellas in their first round game:

6'10 forward John Henson: 28 points, 11 boards, 6 blocks
6'8 forward Harrison Barnes: 24 points, 16 boards
7'0 forward Tyler Zeller: 32 points, 9 boards, 3 blocks

Holy fuck.

MBA, Gant, and Aziz better buckle up their Big Boy pants and get after it on Sunday. I still think we should start Brendan Sherrer and have him throw 'bows like Bill Laimbeer until he gets kicked out of the game about 3 minutes in. Might as well break a few noses before you start playing basketball for reals.

Lastly, my favorite photo from the game:

 Losing sucks, but don't present to the AV guys, Trey.

All in all, it's a tourney win, which is fucking awesome. Beating UNC is going to be a major challenge, but we have the shooters to make it happen (assuming they shoot about 40% better than against Georgia). Plus this gives me a chance to shit all over the Tar Heels in a public forum which was my birthday wish at age 11 so it's quite thrilling for me to finally get that opportunity.

If you can make it happen, get your ass to Charlotte! Go Dawgs!

Photos by Bob Leverone/AP Photo.
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Mar 18, 2011

Get to Know a D-Bag: Georgia

I know what you're thinking, you hear Georgia Bulldogs and you don't think of men's basketball.  Clearly, Georgia is a women's basketball school as the Ladydogs are a perennial tourney team and far out-shine the Mandogs with three Final 4s, five Elite 8s, and eight Sweet 16s since 1983.  Yeah, you thought TDD never mentioned ladysports, but fortunately for you women's basketball enthusiasts out there, I received a threatening letter from Title IX.

 The new NCAA sport of Boob-Having is getting great ratings.

But back to the Dude-Bulldogs. This team was on the bubble and quite fortunate to pick up a 10-seed while Alabama, another bubble team who beat Georgia twice in their final three games, got left out in the cold. By which I mean the NIT, by which I mean Pullman, by which I mean no one cares.

The BDs are led by 6'10 power forward, Trey Thompson, who leads the team in scoring (16.1), rebounding (7.5), and intellectual eyewear:

Those glasses alone were worth 800 on the SAT.

Georgia's 2nd best player is Travis Leslie (14.5 ppg) who manages to grab 7.2 boards a game despite being just 6'4. MBA, N'Diaye, and Grant are going to have to be focused on boxing these guys out. While UGA may be able to find some success inside, UW clearly has the upper-hand in the backcourt which I think will ultimately lead to the Bulldogs' demise.

The last time the Huskies played an SEC opponent in the tourney was Mississippi St. back in '09. While this matchup is closer on paper (#7 vs. #10) than that game (#4 vs. #13), I expect a similar result to the 71-58 win by that Jon Brockman-led UW squad. Plus Georgia doesn't have a god among men like Miss St. did in shot-blocker extraordinaire/mythical beast, Jarvis Varnado.

It's a volcano, it's a tornado, it's a VARNADO!

Varnado now plays in Italy where he averages 26 blocks per game. But back to the Bulldogs. I just don't see UW losing to a team who's mascot looks like Billy Bob Thorton in Sling Blade:

"...mmhmm, I reckon, mmhmm..."

I will go on record and say that Georgia's fanbase most definitely has one of the highest percentages of underbites in the nation. Maybe Kentucky has more, but regardless, it's definitely one of those ding-a-ling states in the South.

Fortunately, to balance out their redneck jaw line, Georgia also has some pretty hot women. And has the #3 ranked Bikini Rollerblading Team in the country:

Yeah! Hold that sign!

Hopefully the Dawgs can carry the momentum over from the Pac-10 tourney and put a yokel-beatdown on these hayseeding bumpkins. I expect the game to be pretty close, but the superior guard play from UW wins the day and Washington moves on, 73-67.

Not too look ahead, but the most likely opponent for UW if they beat Georgia is North Carolina in Charlotte. Which is like wrestling a shark in the water or competing against a really obese guy in a Being Fat competition. But hey, crazier things have happened and there is still a chance this team could live up to it's "Sweet Sixteen and Beyond" preseason status.

Go Dawgs!
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Mar 13, 2011

Huskies are Back-to-Back Pac-10 Tourney Champs!

IT passed out after his blood got too cold.

My apologies for the lack of content during the Pac-10 tournament, it's been a crazy week. A little too much celebrating, not quite "Kevin O'Neill celebration level", but close - the Arizona booster I drunkenly fought was 80 years-old. 

Hopefully this clip makes up for the lack of posts a little bit:

Not sure how this video has only 140,000 views when I've watched 80k myself.

IT's brilliant finish was the perfect ending to an outstanding tourney. The Wazzu and 'Zona games were the two most exciting games of the year and clearly Isaiah re-established himself as a stone-cold stud with glacier run-off in his veins and balls the size of John Madden's head.

And what did Washington win for being Pac-10 tourney champs? The #7 seed in the absolutely brutal East bracket. The Dawgs start in Charlotte with a favorable matchup against #10 seed Georgia, but then will most likely have to play North Carolina in a veritable home game in the 2nd round (or Round of 32, whatever the hell it's called these days).

But enough whining, IT and the boys reversed the downward spiral of this season and brought the joy back to Husky Basketball. Now let's see what they can do in Charlotte, and after that last 3-day stretch, I wouldn't count them out in a potential matchup with the Tarheels.

Go Dawgs!
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Mar 10, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

The good news: UW can end this 2-game losing streak to Wazzu and get deeper into the Pac-10 tournament. The bad news: it's the fucking Koogs again.

While it appeared earlier in the week that Wazzu might be short-handed with Klay Thompson's weed arrest and PG Reggie Moore's ankle injury, both players have been cleared and are ready to go. Now it's UW that will be the undermanned squad with Venoy Overton's suspension and Justin Holiday's concussion. Though Holiday could still potentially play if he's cleared on Thursday.

Speaking of Overton, charges finally came down on the senior point guard and the media was able to disclose that yes, he was the player in question regarding the sexual allegations earlier in the season (which was the worst kept secret ever). Just let me furnish my beer and I'll give you my thoughts on this situation.

Venoy showed all kinds of bad judgment in providing two 16 year-old girls alcohol and then taking advantage of them. While there is no evidence of rape, using your pseudo-celebrity status and age difference to pressure minors into sexual activity is some weak, weak sauce.

Venoy should know better and he put Coach Romar in an absolutely miserable situation with this major lack of judgment. And as a senior, Overton had a responsibility to lead the team, not become a major distraction that helped to destroy the promise of such a highly-anticipated season.

But with all that said, I am a little annoyed with the ignorance displayed by Seattle Times writers Steve Kelly and Jerry Brewer in their respective articles on this story. As a 22 year-old, Venoy should know better than mess around with a couple of 16 year-olds, but to act like "furnishing alcohol to minors" doesn't happen every weekend on the UW campus (and most other campuses around the country) is just plain ignorant.

How many underage girls will go to Greek Row this weekend? A lot. It's absolutely no excuse for taking advantage of them as a male six years their senior, but this is not a shockingly abnormal situation for a college campus. But getting sexual with them is obviously a very poor choice.

Anyway, let's put that mess behind us and focus on the game at hand. The Huskies have the opportunity to reclaim some pride and exercise some demons in beating the cooglets who swept the Dawgs in the Pac-10 regular season.

"This is my apology face."

UW will have to play much better defense on Klay Thompson who torched the Dawgs for 26 points in Wazzu's 80-69 win at Hec Ed eleven days ago. The Huskies played their worst game of the season that night, but the Cougs were able to hang on with clutch free throw shooting (32/36) and just under 40% shooting from the floor in a defensive-minded battle.

 MBA needs to step up big time.

If UW was at full-speed, I would fully expect a victory. If the Dawgs weren't absurdly ice-cold against Wazzu on February 27th, they would have notched a solid win. After all, UW only lost by 11 after scoring 17 points in the first half while shooting under 20%, going an abysmal 62.5% from the line, and turning the ball over 16 times. However, these Dawgs won't be at full strength on Thursday and will need major contributions from the Scott Suggs/CJ Wilcox/Terrence Ross three-headed monster to get the win. They will also need to shoot at least 40% for the first time since the Seattle U. game over two weeks ago.

The scariest thing about this game is that this short-handed Husky team could lose and potentially not make the NCAA tournament. An 11-8 conference record in another down year for the Pac-10 makes UW far from a sure thing to make the field of 65 (or 68? What the hell is it now?). Hopefully these Huskies realize the importance of the game and can grind out the win, even without two of their three seniors.

I think the Dawgs cold-shooting streak ends, MBA dominates in the paint, and UW moves to the next round of the Pac-10 tourney. Call it 75-72 UW.

Go Dawgs!

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Mar 5, 2011

Welcome to the CJ Wilcox Show

CJ single-handedly kept the Husky offense afloat Thursday night with 24 second-half points on 7-10 shooting from the field (4/7 from three) and 6/6 from the FT line. The redshirt freshman was absolutely sensational in hitting open and contested shots from all over the court.

As good as Wilcox was, UW's "Big Three" were the exact opposite. IT, MBA, and Justin Holiday were a combined 7/31 from the field (22.5%), had only 21 of the Dawgs' 70 points, and accounted for 7 of the team's 13 turnovers. If you told me before the game that these three guys would combine for 21 points, I would have said UW loses by 25+.

Luckily CJ Wilcox had the game of his life. Venoy Overton also had a nice game with 10 points and 3/3 shooting. Wilcox and VO shot 77% from the field while the rest of the team shot 25%.

It was definitely nice to see UCLA big man/northwest traitor, Josh Smith, get the old-fashioned, full-court press harassment from the Dawg Pack and then leave Seattle in defeat.

The DP's stink-eye was so severe that it gave Smith pink eye.

Smith absolutely fills up the lane and tormented UW's bigs for 12 points and 16 boards, but fortunately he couldn't do anything about CJ lighting it up from the outside.

I want to express my condolences to anyone who was at the game and had to see UCLA's Reeves Nelson in person. Hopefully nobody looked him directly in the eye and turned to stone.

Reeves actually looks better after being punched in the face.

The 6'8 forward/zombie had a solid first half, but was blanketed by Darnell Gant in the 2nd half and finished with 4/13 shooting and 3 turnovers. Nelson also serves as a cautionary tale for why you shouldn't let children doodle on you with an ink gun:

UW improved to 12-6 in the Pac-10 with the win and can overtake UCLA for 2nd place in the conference with a win over USC and a Bruin loss at Wazzu on Saturday.

However, beating the Trojans will not be an easy task, especially if UW's cold shooting streak continues and CJ Wilcox doesn't put the team on his back again. USC had won four straight before losing at Wazzu on Thursday. 

Stopping USC's Nikola Vucevic will be key. The 6'10 forward is 3rd in the conference in points per game (17.6) and 1st in rebounds (10.3). Hopefully Gant can carry over his inspired defense on Nelson to this game and help limit the Montenegrin Monster.

"Should I just go?"

I just can't imagine that the Dawgs will shoot under 37% for the 3rd game in a row, so call it 81-73 UW.

Go Dawgs!

Game photos by Elaine Thompson/AP Photo.

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Mar 3, 2011

Vote for Jake!

Let's get Jake on the cover.  CLICK HERE to vote - it looks like the contest is Facebook only.

It's pretty clear from this photo that God is telling Jake he's a shoo-in.

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Mar 1, 2011

What the hell was that?

17 first-half points?  33.8% shooting?  Absolutely no energy in a rivalry game even after feeling "disrespected" after in Pullman?

The purple blazer failed Romar on Sunday.

It's time for these Huskies to dig deep after their worst performance (by far) of the year. Obviously this team is not the Pac-10 champion we all were hoping for, and expecting.  

This year has been difficult: the injuries in the backcourt (Abdul Gaddy, Scott Suggs) are certainly affecting the depth of the team. The criminal allegations were no doubt a major distraction.  But Romar needs to get this group together for the stretch run. Traditionally his teams start slow and finish fast, but these Dawgs just played their worst basketball of the season.

While IT is the team's best player, UW seems to lack that veteran leader that refuses to allow his teammates to play without energy (ala Quincy Pondexter, Jon Brockman, Brandon Roy). This missing piece is especially frustrating considering the Dawgs have three seniors. MBA and Justin Holiday are having nice seasons, but neither brings that type of presence to the court. And Venoy Overton seems to have regressed to his freshman days of losing his composure and committing stupid fouls.

Coach Romar needs to fill that leadership void. He needs to make sure his team is mentally-prepared to play, sticks to the game plan, and executes. Obviously, Romar is in absolutely no danger of losing his job, but the remainder of this season will say a lot about his coaching abilities. Let's hope Coach and the players fully understand the mess they've gotten themselves into and stay focused in finding a way out.

Go Dawgs!

Photos by Ted S. Warren/AP Photo.
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