Dec 31, 2010

UW Puts the "Holiday" in Holiday Bowl

Wow. What a performance. The Huskies did what literally no one predicted: stormed into Qualcomm Stadium and absolutely manhandled Nebraska's offensive and defensive lines.

The pink elephant in the room going into the game was how on earth the Huskies could limit Nebraska's running game with a much smaller, beat up, and undermanned defensive line. Instead of being the team's glaring weakness, the d-line was an absolute force and turned in a performance for the ages. Big Meda Ta'amu and Hau'oli Jamora in particular played out of their minds.

And how.

I know this is cliché , but the game truly was a microcosm of Jake Locker's Husky career. He took a major hit to the head late in the 2nd quarter (no penalty by the way...) and surely looked to have sustained a concussion. It appeared on television that Locker demanded his helmet instead of missing game action by running through the battery of concussion tests.

Jake Locker is the definition of a Husky.

Locker returned for the next offensive series and continued to will the Dawgs down the field. His gritty performance was far from pretty, but his determination to win was a perfect reflection of the five years he has dedicated to this program.

Obviously there are many other Huskies with more accolades and more wins, but Locker will forever be known as the tough as nails, hometown quarterback that helped bring a ruined program back to respectability. And for that, us Husky fans will celebrate him for the rest of our lives.

Chris Polk was at his finest in churning out 177 yards on a career-high 34 carries. The offensive line created space within a very stout Husker front four and clearly showed that this unit has improved tremendously and has the opportunity to be a team strength next year.

The smashmouth running game and dominating, physical defense were a return to the championship-caliber Husky teams of the Don James era. In the words of James Lipton from the mouth of Will Ferrell, watching it was "an absolute delight."

The future is very bright, Husky fans. Our long brutal stretch in the wilderness is finally over.

Thanks to everybody who came out for TheDawgDude Holiday Bowl Party at the Wing Dome in West Seattle last night. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we'll do more events in the future. Thank you to the Wing Dome as well.

In other news...

Welcome to Husky Basketball, Josh Smith.

While getting somewhat lost in the Holiday Bowl elation, the basketball Dawgs also had a spectacular couple of days. The Huskies recorded their first Pac-10 season-opening road sweep in 35 years.

True freshman Terrence Ross took over the USC game on Wednesday night by dropping 18 points in a tough, physical 73-67 win over the Trojans. MBA also had a fantastic game with 18 points and 8 boards.

Ross scored 18. Without opening his eyes.

Earlier this afternoon, the Dawgs took care of business in Pauley Pavilion, knocking off the Bruins 74-63 to run their season record to 10-3. MBA had another great game with 21 points and 10 rebounds and IT controlled the offense with 17 points and 9 assists.

With the incredible Holiday Bowl upset and the beautiful road sweep to start Pac-10 play, the last three days have to be one of the greatest stretches in the history of UW sports (toss in today's commitment from DT Danny Shelton over Oregon as well). It is truly a fantastic time to be a Husky.

Oh, and it's also New Year's Eve. Celebration!

Go Dawgs!

Football game photos by DENIS POROY / AP and DEAN RUTZ / THE SEATTLE TIMES.
Basketball game photos by CHRISTINE COTTER / AP PHOTO.
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Dec 30, 2010

Huskies Win!!!

UW dominated Nebraska at the line of scrimmage and churned out a 19-7 victory. Jake Locker took a serious shot late in the 2nd half and came back to lead the Huskies to their first bowl win in 9 years in his last college game.

TheDawgDude has a lot of reveling to do, but much more recap to come.

Celebrate this win, it's a huge one!
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Caption Contest Vote-Off!

As there were many funny captions for this pic, let's vote on the finalists. Voting will end at 3pm on Sunday and the winner will be crowned. And by "crowned", I mean a TDD t-shirt will be sent to them.

Oh, and I don't know why Vizu insists on putting that "?" in there, I tried to fix it for like half in hour before I realized that nobody would give a shit.

Go Dawgs!

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Holiday Bowl Viewing Party Tonight!

Festivities will begin at 6pm with the kickoff getting underway 7pm. I'll have TDD merch for sale as well as contests/prizes (start predicting Locker's passing yards and Polk's rushing yards now...) and the Wing Dome will be offering:

$5 Purple Haze drinks

1/2 off 1 lb pf popcorn chicken

25 wings & Pitcher of Beer $29.99

Here at the details on the Book of Faces. It will be a lot of fun. If we win, we'll celebrate with Husky-colored alcohol. If we lose, we'll drown ourselves in it.

Go Dawgs!

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Dec 29, 2010

Get to Know a D-Bag (again): Nebraska

The good news is we made it to a bowl game for the first time since 2002. The bad news is we're playing Nebraska, the team that stink-palmed us 56-21 at home back in September. The worst news is I have to write about these Cornholers twice (enter the Caption Contest for this pic for a chance to win a free TDD shirt).

No way, sicko. My kid is not getting "in you."

While I was hoping the Huskers would completely drink their way out of the game, it appears that they still have enough players to compete even after the Plague of the DUI. Damn. One guy who won't be suiting up on Thursday is Herbie the Husker. The mascot is awaiting arraignment after a little Jackie Daniels/handgun run-in with the police earlier this month:

"Do it, Herbie! Show us how drunk you are!"

While it makes sense that there would be some bad blood between these two programs after their game earlier this year, a contentious Washington/Nebraska volleyball game has also injected a little extra juice into this rivalry. After the Huskies upset the #3 Huskers to advance to the Elite 8, coaches Jim McLaughlin (UW) and John Cook (Neb) had to be restrained from tearing each other's throats out:

"You fuckers think just because a guy coaches women's volleyball he can't start some shit?" (Two Mallrats references in one post!! You're welcome.)

Hopefully, the football Huskies learn from the lady volleyballers and upset heavily-favored Nebraska on the gridiron. One area where the Dawgs are clearly outclassing the 'Braskans is in band performance. Obviously, I'm more biased than the East Coast on this, but I think the videos speak for themselves:


Don't you want to rip Lil' Red's head off? Oh snap, the Raccoon did:

Look at that menacingly rabid stare. Terrifying.

This is one of those games where every break will need to go UW's way for the Dawgs to pull off the upset. Nebraska's defense has been spectacular all year and should still be extremely impressive even without the two suspended drinking-whilst-drivers.

Live-action Lil' Red.

Don't get me wrong, if the Huskies play their most complete game of the year, they can win. But the defensive line will have to shrug off injuries and play their balls off to keep Nebraska's running game under control. On the positive side, the Husker offense has been out of sorts over the last five games with Taylor Martinez struggling with a high ankle sprain. Unfortunately, the 26 days off before the bowl game should have T-Magic fully healed.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, it's a great feeling being relevant during the bowl season again. Obviously we all want more than 6-6, but the improvement under this coaching staff is definitely a positive indicator for the future.

Speaking of positive indicators, it has to be a good omen for us that a dolphin at SeaWorld tried to kill Nebraska coach, Bo Pelini.

It really wasn't the dolphin's fault. He thought Pelini was a Fathead fish:

God, Pelini is ugly. And his decision to extend a scholarship to a skeleton was a real head-scratcher:

That guy is going to be worthless out there.

BREAKING NEWS: it appears that Herbie the Husker has posted bail and will be in San Diego for the game. All Huskies in the SoCal area should be extremely vigilant.

Be careful: when Herbie drinks, he'll grope the hell out of you with his tiny hands. There are few things worse than being tiny-groped in this world, believe me. I had my own run in with this monster back in '96.

Anyway, I hope everyone is pumped for the game and if you're in the Seattle area, definitely think about stopping by the Wing Dome in West Seattle for the TDD Holiday Bowl Party. It will be the highlight of your year, if not your life.

Raise your glasses to seeing plenty of this on Thursday night:

Go Dawgs!
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Dec 28, 2010

Get to Know a D-Bag: U. of Spoiled Children

Another "Get to Know a D-Bag" brought to you by TheDawgDude's right-hand man and National Merit Quarterfinalist, Sarkisianity:

After power-bombing the Biggest Little Wolf pack in the World, the Dawgs hit the road to open Pac-10 play.  Making their way southward, the UW looks to get it poppin’ against the University of Sour Chlamydia.

This is a huge game for the Huskies.  Success in LA would go a long way toward building the momentum needed to dominate the Pac-10 schedule.  Last year’s trip to LA marked the end of a miserable (3-5) start to conference play.  Though this year’s squad is deeper and more balanced than the 2009 version, this will be a tough test for IT, J-Hol, and the boys.  Fortunately, we won’t have to contend with former Trojan baller, Percy “Lil’ Romeo” Miller.

Don’t be fooled by his boyish charm and Brett Michaels’ headwear, this little bastard knew how to use the glass and work the bounce pass.

Though the University of Syphilitic Call-girls isn’t exactly boasting an indomitable record this year at 8-5, they’ve played some stiff competition and have a couple of legitimate wins.  Victories over #18 Tennessee and #20 Texas and a 2-point loss at #3 Kansas add some fortitude to their record.

Additionally, with four wins in their last five games (the sole loss being to Kansas) the Prophylactics seem to be building momentum.  This game has the potential to be especially hostile for the Dawgs after IT dropped this hilarious quote in ESPN The Magazine’s College Basketball Preview:

“I think of Reggie Bush and football when I think of that school, not basketball. I don’t even know who their coach is.”

Granted, IT said later that he did know who coaches the University of Steamers, Cleveland and that he had been playing a “word association” game for The Mag.  For this bulletin board-type fodder to matter however, USC students would actually have to give a shit about basketball.  Luckily, they don't.

That's actually a decent crowd for the Galen Center. 

Unfortunately for us, the Fucking Shittiest Network (FSN) has decided to air the Wazzu-UCLA game instead of ours, so we won’t be able to watch the game (Editor's note: Another nail in FSN's coffin. I'm personally boycotting the network until they bring back Nicole Zaloumis' zaloumies).  Though, you do have the option of watching the replay of the game on USC’s website later Wednesday night.

The University of Sassy Cockgoblins continues to climb out from under the punishing shadows of OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush.  Second-year Coach Kevin O’Neill has done a laudable job of dragging the program out of the ashes and putting a competitive team on the floor.  Earlier this week, Romar praised the defense of this year’s squad saying, "It's not easy to run against that team.” 

Larry David called and he wants his look back.

We all know what the Dawgs need to do offensively, but on the other side of the ball, they’ll need to lock down guard Jio Fontan and forward Nikola Vucevic.  Fortunately, members of the all-universe defensive team Venoy Overton and Justin Holiday are both expected to return from injuries and contribute to Wednesday’s effort.  

Fontan was a huge get for the USC program when he transferred from Fordham University because the Trojans were thin at the point guard position after AARP member and Rec-Center 40+ League MVP, Mike Gerrity ran out of eligibility. 

Jio realizing that Pac-10 play doesn’t include La Salle or Duquesne.

The University of Sanctimonious Chodes was the only team to sweep the Dawgs last year, so it would be doubly sweet to put these ditch diddlers in a Peruvian Necktie and make them go limp.  I’d like to see Gaddy help Fontan break both his ankles early on with an And-1 worthy WYG ("Who's Your Gaddy").  

IT needs to get into the lane and put their big men in foul trouble right away.  Wilcox will probably bank a three off Kevin O’Neill’s forehead at some point. And last, but most definitely not least, Aziz “The West African Wrecker” N’Diaye needs to do this at least once. 

It's all fun and games until someone ruptures a hemorrhoid...

It’s the start of Pac-10 play Dawg fans, so drain that bottle of Wild Turkey, smash it over your bandwagon USC fan neighbor’s head, and get your goddamn game face on.  The trip to LA for Romar and the boys makes some damn fine bookends for Thursday’s Holiday Bowl extravaganza.  If you’re in SoCal for the bowl game, you gotta make it to LA to root for IT & Co.  The drive from SD to LA is only 1.5 to 16 hours depending on the traffic.  

And if you’re in the greater Seattle area, you have no excuse not to be at the Wing Dome in West Seattle on Thursday night.  I’ll be the one crushing Purple Hazes like MBA crushes USC Song Girls.  

They don't even pretend not to be strippers anymore.

Enjoy the USC-Nebraska-UCLA trifecta and Go Dawgs!
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Dec 23, 2010

Wolf Smack!

After shooting up the Dons of San Francisco on Saturday, the Huskies dismantled the Nevada Wolf Pack last night in a SportsCenter highlight-filled, 90-60 victory. Look for yourself:

IT had his best game of the year with 24 points, 8 boards, and 4 assists. It was great to see UW dominate the glass and out-rebound this pack o' wolves 55-40, including 21 offensive boards.

IT was way too physical for Nevada's guards.

To be fair, about 12 of those boards were MBA misses that he rebounded and then put back in. The rumor on the street is that Bryan-Amaning declared a jihad against IT's assist count last night and purposefully bricked every open layup before recovering with a board and a put-in. However, even with his assists assassination, the much-maligned MBA did have a really solid game and ended up with his 3rd double-double of the season (16 and 11 with 4 blocks).

In the Land of MBA, no assist is safe.

While his stat sheet wasn't all that impressive (2 points on 1-6 shooting with 5 assists and no turnovers), Abdul Gaddy led the team with four "Who's Your Gaddy's?"  What is a WYG, you ask? It's a play where Abdul so thoroughly abuses an opponent that he deserves his own stat category. 

Unfortunately, many WYGs end with a ridiculously hot-in-the-pants Gaddy pass bouncing off an unsuspecting teammate's hands or with a teammate (I'm not naming names here...MBA) missing a wide-open look.

A WYG in progress: cover your childrens' eyes.

The Senegalese Slayer aka The Death Knell from Dakar aka L'artiste de Blocs aka Aziz N'diaye also had a nice game in picking up his 2nd double-double with 11 points and 10 boards.

By far the lowlight of the night was Justin Holiday limping to the locker room after turning his ankle with the Huskies up 34 with 5:57 to play. As J-Hol has arguably been UW's best player this year (and definitely the most consistent), Romar should pull him well before this point...though it's easy to say that in hindsight.

Nevada's Olek Czyz looks on in awe.

Holiday's ankle injury is reminiscent of Venoy Overton's hard fall that bruised his tailbone late in the 2nd half of the blowout win against Eastern Washington. While it sounds like Holiday will be good to go for the Pac-10 opener against USC next Wednesday, we heard the same thing about Overton's injury that has hampered him for weeks (though VO's bigger injury right now is a hyperextended knee).
Hopefully these guys are fully healthy to help set the tone for the Pac-10 season against the Trojans, and Romar is a little more careful about pulling major contributors in the 2nd half of blowouts.

I gotta say that I was expecting Duke transfer and renowned vowel-hater, Olek Czyz, to be the Wolf Pack's main offensive threat, but J-Hol's smothering defense held him to just 6 points on 1-7 shooting. To be frank, I was disappointed as I had a bunch of "Czyz is shooting all over the court!", "Czyz is everywhere!", "Don't get Czyz'd on!" jokes lined up. Oh, the miseries of an inappropriate sports writer...though if you want to see a Czyz-covered website, click here. Yes, it's SFW, I'm not trying to burn you here...

Have a Merry Christmas and make sure to rest up for the boner-inducing stretch-run of the USC bball game on the 29th, the Holiday Bowl on the 30th, and the UCLA bball game on the 31st.

Go Dawgs!

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Dec 21, 2010

Drankin' and Drivin' in 'Braska!

Husker safety Rickey Thenarse becomes the second member of the vaunted Nebraska defense to be suspended for the Holiday Bowl for driving under the influence. If we can keep this DUI ball rolling, the Huskies will be able to score at will on the Blackshirts. Hopefully my case of Everclear arrived at the apartment shared by DT/beast Jared Crick and stud cornerback Prince Amukamara.

"Post-game Four Lokos on me, fellas!"

Thenarse was a starter for most of the year, but had been replaced recently by Austin Cassidy. Still losing Thenarse and his 11 career starts is a big blow for Big Red, the senior had 5 tackles and a forced fumble in Nebraska's win over UW earlier this year.

The first DUIee may be an even bigger loss. Starting DT Baker Steinkuhler has 13 starts already for the Huskers and is only a sophomore. He had 3.5 sacks on the year including a huge 3rd down sack of Jake Locker in the game back in September.

Unfortunately, Nebraska has a ton of depth to fill the spots vacated by these drankers. The junior and 6-time starter Cassidy will take over for Thenarse at safety while junior Terrence Moore will replace Steinkuhler and make his first career start in the Holiday Bowl (note to coaches: run at Moore and not All-American Jared Crick).

Crick is big, mean, and not suspended.

Hopefully Moore's inexperience will allow the Huskies to run the ball more effectively between the tackles. Nebraska's defense has been ridiculous against the run in the three bowl games Bo Pelini has coached, allowing an average of 28 rushing yards per game...yowza.

While UW was brutalized at home by Nebraska 56-21 (I was there...and I still get flashbacks late at night), the Huskies managed to scrape out 175 yards on the ground at a 4.5 per rush clip in that game. So hopefully the defense doesn't give up 383 rushing yards to the Huskers this time around and the Dawgs can keep the game close with a ball-control offensive strategy.

In other news, Jake Locker got engaged. As a male, it's hard for me to fully support this decision of a 23 year-old, soon-to-be-NFLer, but regardless, a hearty congratulations are in order. And to his fiancée Lauren, in the words of 2Pac, "I hope your wife know/She got a playa for life, and that's no bullshitin."

Go Dawgs!

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Dec 18, 2010

Holiday Bowl Viewing Party!

The 1st annual " Holiday Bowl Viewing Party For Us Poor Bastards Who Didn't Make It To San Diego" will be held at the new Wing Dome in West Seattle. Here are the event details on Facebook.

Festivities will begin at 6pm with the kickoff getting underway 7pm. I'll have TDD merch for sale as well as contests/prizes and the Wing Dome will be offering drink deals (more details coming soon) including the "Purple Haze" drink that's sold at The Zone outside Husky Stadium on gamedays.

With more flat screens than Bill Gates' bathroom, the Wing Dome in West Seattle is a great place to watch sports. And after competing in a hot wings-eating contests there a few weeks back (16 7-Alarms in 8 minutes...incredible, I know. I had to beat the ladies off with a stick), I can personally verify their slogan, "So Hot It'll Burn Ya Twice."

So head to the Dome on the 30th and let's collectively will the Huskies to victory through overconsumption of purple alcohol, snarky comments, and general merrymaking.

Go Dawgs!
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Dec 17, 2010

Get to Know a D-Bag: USF

Another "Get to Know a D-Bag" brought to you by TDD staff writer and 1991-92 Issaquah Youth Soccer Club midfielder of the year, Sarkisianity:

The Huskies return to Hec Ed on Saturday to take on the University of San Francisco. The Dawgs have had a full week to work on some areas of concern, primarily rebounding and rebounding.

Romar has uncharacteristically made his intentions public with two stories emerging this week regarding increased playing time for The Death Knell from Dakar, Aziz N’Diaye, as well as more looks for CJ “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Wilcox. While this is encouraging news to Dawg fans concerned with our early season rebounding woes, opponents must be equally discouraged with having to see this more often.

Enough about N’Diaye and Wilcox for now; I’ll let the blocks and half-court threes speak for themselves. This is the beginning of an important stretch for the Dawgs. The Huskies have two more non-conference games on Montlake, and then it’s off to LA to being Pac-10 play.

A rare look at Romar’s manhood.

Saturday’s opponents are the Dons of the University of San Francisco.  Here at, we strive for in-depth analysis based on quantifiable evidence.  This is why I’m basing my prediction for Saturday’s game solely on USF’s mascot’s resemblance to other mascots we’ve played.

The Don (who conveniently has his name right on the front of his hat) bears a striking resemblance to the Virginia Cavalier.  And since my mascot theory is scientifically infallible, I expect the Dawgs to deliver a beating on Saturday similar to what they did to Tony Bennett’s Cavs.

"Who wants a fuckin' mustache ride?!"

Don, as defined by the Encyclopedia Wikipedia, is apparently some kind of masked Spanish/Portuguese/Italian royalty, which sounds about as intimidating as a Justin Bieber fan club.

USF really screwed the pooch by selecting that quadsexual Zorro as their “Don.”  My vote would’ve been for Al Pacino.  Though, it’s probably for the best that they didn’t pick Don Corleone.  Otherwise they’d be riding a 400 game win streak right now.

 And I just wet my pants.

4-5 Dons come into Saturday’s matchup fresh off an overtime win over Montana.  They also bring wins over Cameron Dollar’s Seattle U. squad and soon to be Pac-12 member, Colorado.  Saturday will mark the Dons’ third contest against a Seattle team this season as they also managed a three-point victory over the varsity team from Holy Names Academy. That win was no joke though, those girls can ball.

USF is undoubtedly a storied program with three national titles hanging from the rafters of War Memorial Gym.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s, the Dons were a powerhouse, led by All-American Bill Cartwright.  This success came at a price when the NCAA hit the program with probation due to numerous major infractions.  As a result, the school opted to shut the program down from 1981-1985.

Evidently the NCAA frowns on dandy-ness.

In a preview of what will expectantly happen to Kentucky in a few years, the Dons have yet to repeat the success of their Dandy Years.  I’m also submitting The Dandy as the new face of UK basketball:

Try to recruit with those uniforms, PayPal Cal.

This year’s Dandies are led by 6’0 sophomore guard Michael Williams.  Williams is averaging 15.9 points per game and shooting 47% from the field and 45% from three.  Saturday will also be a homecoming for freshman forward Cole Dickerson who hails from Federal Way high school.

The squad is led by Dandy-in-Chief, Rex Walters.  Rex was hired by the school in 2008 after an extensive search that apparently included Steve Lavin, Eric Musselman, and the Original Dandy himself, Bill Cartwright.

Not sure how they ended up with Sexy Rexy, but he packed up the wife and kids and brought his 31-33 record from two years at Florida Atlantic University to San Fran.  Not sure what it is with California coaches giving their kids weird ass names, but this eRextion and his wife just welcomed their fifth child, Ace Jordan, into the world.  Poor kid.

We don’t care how many mustache rides Don gave you, Rex.

This one shouldn’t be close.  Playing at home, the Dawgs should get back to their winning ways and destroy the Dandies.  Tip-off is at 7pm.  This Dawg should have his game face on by 2:45.  And by "game" face, I mean shitfaced drunk face.


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Dec 16, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Chris Polk!

I hope you have an awesome night...just make sure it's not too awesome and I read about it on Condotta's blog tomorrow morning...

Please stiff-arm a Duck tonight if you can find one, Chris.

In all the Apple Cup/bowl game hubbub, Polk's accomplishment against the Cougars didn't quite get the kudos it deserved. Chris ran for 284 yards, the 2nd most ever by a Husky and the most since "Hurryin' Hugh" McElhenny rushed for 296 in 1950 (also against the Cougs).

Besides Hugh, no other Husky has run for more yards in a game than Polk. Not Napoleon Kaufman, not Corey Dillon, nor Greg Lewis or Joe Steele. Let's get 284 candles on that cake tonight.

"And I'm out, bitch!"

Now TheDawgDude's birthday is coming up in a few months and I have only one wish: for Chris Polk to return to the Huskies next year.

C-Polk has the opportunity to leave as the greatest Husky running back of all time (if he stays for all four years and remains healthy, he would undoubtedly have the best stats in the history of the program). Polk is currently #9 on the Husky career rushing list with 2,384 yards which is 1,722 behind #1 Napoleon Kaufman with 4,106 yards.

Polk's rushing yards in the Holiday Bowl will count towards his career total (as well as his season total which is currently #6 all-time) and as the most featured weapon in the offense next year, there is a decent shot that Chris could surpass the greatest Husky single-season rushing performance ever - Corey Dillon's 1,695 yards in '96.

Drew McAllister getting Polk'd.

If Polk can get close to Dillon's mark, he is nearly guaranteed to leave UW as the career rushing leader, and in only three years.

With the offensive line returning mainstays Senio Kelemete and Drew Shaefer, as well as stud freshmen Colin Porter and Erik Kohler, there is a very good chance that the line play will improve next year. Plus UW will be breaking in a new QB (Keith Price or Nick Montana), so Sark will definitely be leaning more on the run game. It all adds up to C-Polk having a HUGE year.

Have a great birthday, Chris, and know that all your fans are wishing for you to return next year to become one of the best, if not the best running back in Husky history.

Go Dawgs!
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Dec 13, 2010

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

There has been a ton of law-breaking news in college athletics recently that I've been meaning to report on, but have been too preoccupied with this miserable sports weekend (i.e. the UW hoops loss yesterday and the Seahawks crapfest today) as well as the Pineapple Express Flood Watch 2010 that is clearly a burgeoning Armageddon. Luckily, I found a wireless connection while paddling my kayak to work, so lets get started:

First up is the marijuana scandal going down at Wazzu. WSU football players Jamal Atofau and Andre Barrington were arrested back on October 10th after police discovered 38 ganja plants in their rental home, but charges weren't filed until last Wednesday. Atofau has been suspended from the team while Barrington was already academically ineligible this season, so Coach Wulffy didn't have to suspend the redshirt freshman linebacker.

Barrington deserves kudos for basically getting suspended twice. A double-dip suspension doesn't just happen, it requires an enormous lack of foresight and a complete disrespect for the rules, and for that we salute you, Andre.

Jamal and Andre outside of their Pullman rental home.

Speaking of toking up, Wazzu's bball team smoked a huge Gonzaga blunt on Wednesday night, beating the Zags by 22. Gonzaga is now 4-5 on the year and in danger of missing the NCAA tourney.

Next up we have Nebraska defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler. B-Stein racked up a 0.115 blood-alcohol content while cruising in his '93 Explorer on the mean streets of Lincoln. The 6'6 290 pound DT has started all 13 games this year for Big Red and will be suspended for the Holiday Bowl against the Huskies.

"Officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that."

Never let the Jager Bombs win, Baker. Hopefully Steinkuhler's absence will open a little more running room inside for Locker, C-Polk and Jesse Callier against Nebraska's vicious defense.

What would a post talking about college athletics and law-breaking be without a mention of Oregon? Fortunately, those assbags down south didn't disappoint last weekend. After the Civil War game against the Beavers, two little fan indiscretions went down.

Nike even pays for their ankle monitors.

The first incident involved the heist of ESPN analyst Lee Corso's giant plastic head. The head was stolen as the ESPN GameDay crew was packing up outside Reser Stadium on Saturday following the game.

I see way more Pete Carroll than Lee Corso...

The head was found early Monday morning in Harrisburg, 30 miles from the stadium. As the head is valued at $5,000 (which is $4,836 more than Corso's real head), village idiots Michael Zane Cuneo and Alexander Joseph Westerberg were cited with felony Theft in the First Degree. Unfortunately for society, these Duck fans will probably plea bargain out of Federal Pound-me-in-the-Ass Prison.

The second incident involved a junior at Nike U. getting slapped with a slew of charges from a little on-field t-shirt burning incident after Oregon's win in Corvallis. Oregon student and pyrotechnics expert, Joshua David Britton faces this impressive list of charges:

  • Riot (Class C felony)
  • Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree (Class A misdemeanor)
  • Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree (Class B misdemeanor)
  • Recklessly Endangering Another Person (Class A misdemeanor)
  • Reckless Burning (Class A misdemeanor)


Britton having the time of his fucking life.

Britton fucking his life.

20 year-old Joshua's flamework caused a minimum of $1,500 damage to Reser Stadium's artificial turf and caused unquantifiable damage to Britton's chances of attending another game in Corvallis.

I like my artificial turf medium-rare.

I hate to end on a sad note, but UW officially lost running back recruit, Brendon Bigelow to the Cal Bears on Friday. Brendon Bigelow: Male Ungrateful Disloyal Knee Destroyer-olo committed to UW back in February after the Huskies continued to recruit him even after an ACL injury during his junior year that scared off most major football programs. Bigelow promptly hurt his ACL again his senior year, dumped UW, and now will limp over to Berkeley for his college career.

While B-Big is an electrifying talent (and has a dope, motivational nickname), the Dawgs should be good at running back in the future with Jesse Callier and Deontae Cooper waiting in the wings behind Chris Polk.

Important Business: is working on putting together a viewing party for the Holiday Bowl for all of us local suckers who couldn't get their shit together to make it down to San Diego for the game. If anyone has suggestions or connections with bars/restaurants that would be interested in hosting this event, I'd love to hear from you (

Anyway, try not to drown out there.

Go Dawgs!
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Dec 11, 2010

Anger & Misfortune in Texas

It was a tough game to stomach as the Huskies lost to the Texas A&M Aggies this afternoon, 63-62. UW played their worst game of the season, shooting 37.7% and turning the ball over 20 times.

Romar was unable to coach UW to victory in College Station.

The Huskies were sloppy most of the game and appeared to simply not want the victory as much as the Aggies. UW's talent level was clearly higher than that of A&M's, but the Aggies managed to outmuscle the Huskies for a 35-28 rebounding advantage and forced the Dawgs into committing five more turnovers than in any game so far this year.

It's concerning that the Huskies have not won a hard fought game all season. The 22-point win over Portland is the closest win the Huskies have had this year.

"Get off my ball!" 

With the exception of N'Diaye, the Huskies didn't show enough toughness down low to get the victory. MBA and Gant had 4 and 2 rebounds in 27 and 26 minutes respectively, while Aziz grabbed 7 boards while on the court for only 13 minutes. If the Huskies expect to make a deep run in the NCAA tourney, MBA and Gant will have to step up their positioning and toughness in the paint big time.

One silver lining is that the Huskies nearly pulled out a win in a hostile environment against a solid opponent while playing their C- game. UW leads the nation in 3-point accuracy (47.5%), but shot an ice-cold 6/22 (27.3%) against the Aggies. If the Dawgs bang in a few more of those, they win this game.

Romar's play-calling abilities were also questionable in this contest. Following a timeout and down one with 30 seconds remaining, the Huskies clearly were trying to run a designed play to get C.J. Wilcox an open three. At one point, IT had the ball on the baseline when his defender slipped and fell, giving him an open lane to the basket. Normally, IT would immediately head to the rack, but clearly he wanted to execute the play and instead fed the ball to Wilcox for an off-balance three that missed.

This is the second time Romar has counted on the redshirt freshman Wilcox to hit the big shot at the end of a game (the other was the three-point attempt against Michigan State that resulted in an air ball). I'm confident that Romar would have preferred IT to have driven into the open lane as the play developed, but as his team leader Thomas needs to be instructed to abandoned the set play when opportunity like an open lane arises.

While this game was a huge bummer, the Huskies should learn from it and blow the doors off the University of San Francisco next Saturday.

Go Dawgs!

Photos by Jon Eilts/AP.
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